Yuneec Breeze 4K
  1. In the absence of a gimbal, the Breeze resorts to electronic stabilization and this is at the expense of the resolution.
  2. If you are price conscious and value a mature, safe product, then the Yuneec Breeze is definitely the first choice.
  3. For a year on the market, there are no more teething problems and the drone does exactly what it should do: fly well and have fun.
  4. The plane has its own Wi-Fi network, in which one must dial in with the mobile phone.
  5. In the built-in technology, there is also no reason for bad criticism.
  6. If it could control even finer, that would be desirable.
  7. The quality of the photo sensor may like Yuneec raise about.
  8. A Boe can not oppose the light breeze much.
  9. So you only get decent pictures when the air is.
  10. Nevertheless, we consider a subsequent image calming necessary, so that you can incorporate the images in a movie.
  11. Thanks to automatic mode, selfies, chases and flights around the pilot work smoothly – and better than with manual control.
  12. Since it has an indoor positioning system, it can also be flown in space.
  13. The picture and video quality can be seen for such a compact housing in any case.
  14. On RAW photos must be omitted as well as on a haptic controller.
  15. Both indoors and outdoors, in sports and action as well as in landscape shots or group photos from the air.
Yuneec Breeze 4K
Yuneec Breeze 4K

Yuneec Breeze 4k Full Review $500 Dji Mavic Alternative

Yuneec Breeze 4K is under $500 and a lower cost alternative to the popular DJI Mavic. This is not a Mavic VS Breeze video

Yuneec Breeze | Flite Test

Trent from Yuneec shows off the Breeze 4K selfie drone. Check out our article here! Thanks to Trent for walking

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera – Compact Smart Drone With Ultra High Definition 4K Video – Safe To Fly Indoor And Outdoor

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera   Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K video   safe to fly indoor and outdoor
  1. UPGRADED ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Guarantees against manufacturer defects from the original date of purchase.
  2. Both convenient and compact, Breeze is controlled by your iOS or Android device with the Breeze Cam app.
  3. Breeze can hold its position both indoors and outdoors, which makes it safe for any occasion.
  4. Breeze is equipped with Indoor Positioning Sensors (IPS) that use textures on the ground to hold its position.
  5. Breeze also has an infrared sensor that gives centimeter accuracy of altitude.
  6. Using the traditional two-stick R/C control method, you can fly the drone anywhere around you manually utilizing the Breeze Cam app.
  7. Selfie: In Selfie mode anyone can position the drone even without prior flight experience.
  8. Use the distance, altitude, and position sliders to adjust the position of the drone.
  9. Orbit: In Orbit mode you can easily task the Breeze to orbit around you or another object.
  10. After positioning the Breeze, you can select orbit left, right, or pause the orbit at any time.
  11. Journey: In Journey mode the Breeze uses the Selfie mode interface for positioning the drone.
  12. The camera pitch determines the angle the drone will fly at, and you can adjust how far it goes.
  13. Follow Me: In Follow Me mode you fly the Breeze manually to the location you want the drone to follow you from.
  14. After setting its position, the Breeze will react to your movements and follow along.
  15. Once you’ve captured photos and videos with Breeze, downloading and sharing via your favorite social media is quick and easy.
  16. Yuneec only warranties batteries for 30 days, which is short for essential accessories.
  17. I think the Breeze is a very solid product if you understand what it is made for and the limitations of the device.
  18. It’s meant to stay firmly within line of sight, which is a good idea for this drone’s target market.
  19. I’ve had mine 300′ feet away and nearly 200′ foot up using my iPhone 7 as the controller, and it flew perfectly fine.
  20. The batteries have been lasting me around 12-14 minutes per charge, and charge in about 40-45 minutes.
  21. It’s not a speed demon because it prioritizes stability and ease of use.
  22. Think of this more like a floating cameraperson rather than full-fledged drone.
  23. However, mine has been pretty much flawless with the out-of-the box firmware.
  24. I also knew before purchase that this wasn’t a drone that flies miles away.
  25. I’d be disappointed if I thought this was a direct competitor for a Phantom 3 Standard.
  26. It has pretty aggressive geo-fencing to help the pilot stay firmly in control.
  27. The Breeze is a beginner drone for me, and over time as I become a more skillful pilot and video editor, the limitations will likely frustrate me.
  28. Until then, I’m enjoying the Breeze and looking forward to spring weather!
  29. As I was reading reviews for various drones, one piece of advice struck me…don’t buy the best and most expensive unit you can find, because you will crash it and you do need to learn how these operate in general.
  30. It contains the a nice hard plastic box to carry/store the drone which is roughly palm sized, (with the outriggers and propellers, widening its size to be roughly a foot around).
  31. Propellers are already installed (they fold in) and the only installation are propeller guards that just snap into place.
  32. It also comes with 4 extra props and 2 battery packs (and charger).
  33. Almost impossible to see for someone over 50 (sorry kids, it WILL happen to you someday, so stop rolling your eyes).
  34. Unfortunately, these seem to show up multiple times even though the device has already been set up.
  35. The camera control is a bit un-intuitive–you have to toggle between flight and camera control on your smartphone screen.
  36. Its a little bit challenging, but this is probably needed because of limited screen real estate.
  37. Pilot mode flying really couldn’t be much easier and i was able to get it flying pretty easily.
  38. You WILL crash it just getting used to the controls, so I would definitely not use indoors or near outdoor hazard areas until you get used to the feel.
  39. You can see the movies on your phone, but it has a USB port to download the movies to your PC.
  40. Finally, battery life is really about 10-12 minutes consistently, but since 2 batterys are included, that’s about 20-25 minutes of flight time.
  41. First off, most of the reviews here are from folks who received the product for free.
  42. In ten flights, my Breeze completely went out of control twice and the second time, it just stopped in mid-air, fell thirty feet and completely destroyed.
  43. So, this is a warning for those of you thinking about purchasing this.
  44. The instructions and videos say this drone is supposed to safely land, but in both instances with me, it just went out of control or continue to ascend and then stop completely in mid-air.
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In the absence of a gimbal, the Breeze resorts to electronic stabilization and this is at the expense of the resolution. If you are price conscious and value a mature, safe product, then the Yuneec Breeze is definitely the first choice. For a year on the market, there are no more...