VSN Mobile V.360 °

  1. With the splash-proof and robust camera you can even dive to a depth of one meter.
  2. Splashing water does not bother the small all-round camera, even a small dive up to one meter depth can cope with the robust device over a period of 30 minutes.
  3. So it is equipped with a GPS sensor and a barometer and a Hohenmesser.
  4. This captures not only the video image on the MicroSD card, but also the shooting position and the weather.
  5. Remote control and image control via smartphoneThere is a free app for Android or iOS users for the special video camera.
  6. Thus, it is not only possible to remotely control the camera via the third device, but also to track the videos and images taken in real time.
  7. Thanks to Live View, you can adjust the position of the camera to the desired image detail and control the image on sharp.
  8. By the way, in addition to the video recording, you can take photos in parallel.
  9. ConclusionThe camera will be available in October 2014 at the earliest.