VicoVation Vico Marcus 5

  1. A front and a rear camera with a recording angle of 145 degrees are available to the car friend.
  2. This covers almost everything that happens in front of and behind the vehicle.
  3. The images are shot at 30 frames per second and in full HD quality.
  4. So they can spread well and did not push too close to each other.
  5. This has the advantage that it does not come to an unpleasant picture noise in poorer light conditions.
  6. In addition, a 3D noise reduction works on improved image quality.
  7. That is, it will take two shots with different exposure made and then merged.
  8. Thus, no details are missed in particularly bright or dark areas of the picture.
  9. Likewise, good quality video in both cameras is provided by the F2’s bright optics, each with six glass lenses.
  10. GPS and early warning systemThe creamy piece has a GPS module, which is not only responsible for displaying coordinates and optionally the speed in the video, but also serves as a track and as a lift assistant.
  11. In addition, you can optionally purchase a GPS log and a TPMS tire pressure monitoring system.
  12. Thus, one can also speak important data on the recording.
  13. When you subsequently play the 2.4-inch TFT color display, the speaker can be turned on.
  14. In addition to the two cameras, the all-round package also contains appropriate brackets, a connection cable and a car power supply.

VicoVation Vico Marcus 5

VicoVation Vico Marcus 5

Vico Marcus 5 Dual Camera (Both 1080p Hd) Car Dash Cam Review

The first dual car DVR I’ve tested that records full 1080p30 front rear. Full Purchasing info and Downloadable Samples here: https://

Vico Vation Marcus Dash Camera Review

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Vicovation Vico-Marcus/Opia2 Series Car Charger

Vicovation Vico Marcus/Opia2 Series Car Charger

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