Swann PenCam

  1. At the touch of a button, it shoots AVI videos with sound that are perfect for publishing on the Internet.
  2. The model offers two gigabytes of internal memory.
  3. The device is 15 inches long, weighs 30 grams and can also be used like a normal ballpoint pen.
  4. When you press the button at the of the pen, the AVI video recording starts, which can take up to an hour.
  5. The model has a USB port for storing and editing files on the PC.
  6. The internal memory provides two gigabytes of storage space, which, however, unlike some other models, can not be expanded.
  7. In addition to the necessary software, the spy pen also comes with a USB cable, a power adapter and a detailed German user manual.
  8. Other manufacturers now offer the Bond pen with a video camera and similar or even better benefits for the price of 27 to 50 euros.
  9. For a long time there are miniature camera systems suitable for all budgets.
  10. On three pages, the magazine zoom (6/2009) lists a selection of the most diverse helmet and action cameras currently available.

Swann Hd Pencam (Hidden Camera Pen) Unboxing Video Tests!!!

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Swann Pencam Mini Video Camera In Ball Point Pen

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