1. The HC-7 has a few extras to offer, such as
  2. Sony offers excellent features, a comprehensive menu.
  3. However, the joy of good image quality did not last long: after about 30 hours
  4. Also, the focus does not match the former state when zooming.
  5. The 1.2 is also justified because I am disappointed that no memory stick is included in the delivery, must be bought.
  6. I have called myself an ambitious amateur filmmaker and have already owned many cameras in my relevant 18-year experience.
  7. Although I already had my experience with image stabilizers, but the stabilizer of Sony dwarfed the previously existing.
  8. It really allows flowless camera pans like from a tripod.
  9. With strong telephoto shots, of course, this also pushes its limits, but it is really impressive how the technology has developed.
  10. Otherwise, the picture quality is perfect, as it should be.
  11. A really nice camera, with which I will have a lot of fun.
  12. However, with the RGB method, only about 55% of the color spectrum can be represented, which can distinguish the human eye.
  13. In quiet passages, slight drive noise underlined the otherwise good sound.
  14. Sony HDR-HC 7 E Seven is a lucky number in Japan, the HC 7 brings a bit more of everything.

2007 Sony Handycam Hdr Hc7 Review

Sony Handycam HDR HC7 Mini Dv Tape Video Camera.

Sony Hdr Hc And Hdr Ux Handycam Camcorders

The Sony HandyCam HDRHC7 and HDR-UX5 Camcorders both record in High Definition. While the medium on which they record