Sony MHS CM1

  1. The color reproduction in bright ambient light proved to be very good – especially in comparison with low-cost video cameras such as the CM1.
  2. The colors seemed alive and true to life, according to the editors.
  3. Interestingly, the noise level of the MHS-CM1 was also relatively low.
  4. Blurred Movements – Good ResolutionWhen investigating motion playback, the results of the Sony MHS-CM1 were not quite as good.
  5. The movements ‘wiped’ when taken in high contrast areas of the image (see video below).
  6. The editors once again praised the high resolution: The CM1 was able to display very good 800 line pairs per image height vertically and 700 horizontally.
  7. Overall, the Sony MHS-CM1 not come with the quality of the also very inexpensive Flip Mino HD with, that is the conclusion of the.
  8. The flip is better suited for low-light shooting than Sony.
  9. But the CM1 – or the Webbie HD camera as it is also called – is more than just? a toy but a seriously serious video camera.
  10. It has a CMOS sensor that measures 1 / 2.5 inches in size. is and dissolves videos in 1440 x 1080 pixels.
  11. The recordings are made in MPEG4 format – a format that optimally compresses the data for transfer to the PC or the Internet.
  12. During a video shoot, you can easily capture still images without interrupting the movie.
  13. So it is possible to transfer the videos to the Internet or to the computer without using any other software.
  14. Zoom and easy-to-see monitorThe lens of the Sony MHS-CM1 has a 5x optical zoom and a 20x digital zoom.
  15. The fact that Sony quite limited the otherwise often escalating zoom factor, is an advantage: Thus, the lenses produce fewer aberrations.
  16. The Webbie HD camera was equipped with a 2.5-inch display, which should provide a particularly large viewing angle of 270 degrees.
  17. The recordings are recorded on a Memory Stick Pro Duo, which must be purchased separately.
  18. Good value for moneyThe Sony MHS-CM1 is particularly interesting for those videographers who need their recordings for the Internet or on the PC.
  19. For ambitious video projects, however, it is not suitable due to a lack of manual settings.
  20. In addition, it has no connection for an external microphone and only an electronic image stabilizer.

Sony MHS CM1

Review Sony Webbie HD MHS-CM1

Here’s an HD review of my Sony Webbie. Overall it’s a good camcorder. BY DA WAY, that auto mic volume leveling thing is called

Sony Webbie MHS CM1 HD Camcorder Test Video 1080p

testing my new MHSCM1 HD Camcorder at englishtown raceway park 1080p 30fps

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