Sony HVR V 1 E

  1. For more complex professional tasks, the simply trimmed operating concept is a bit awkward to handle.
  2. Since this technique is still in its infancy, it should not be the cheapest device.
  3. During the shooting, the first impression was very positive.
  4. The controls are very ergonomically arranged and we got along quickly with the operation.
  5. The only drawback is the uncovered wide-angle range of the lens.
  6. In the evening then the assessment of the made recordings.
  7. Quickly showed the high quality of the HD recordings made with the HDR-V1.
  8. Especially if you are not used to it, it is really a pleasure to see recordings with such a high resolution.
  9. In addition, it also meets the “usual” criteria for quality such as contrast and Farbtreue- or
  10. Our conclusion: a really very nice device, not cheap, but considering the still young technology and the great execution a buy tip.
  11. HOW THE HVR-Z1 is astonishing the excellent contrast processing, which is amazingly close to the drawing of much more expensive HDCAM camera heads.
  12. Some amateur will also be pleased about the in almost all light conditions large depth of field.
  13. VIDEOAKTIV had a first look at a pre-production device – and discovered some surprising things.
  14. Differences Z 1 and V 1 From Z 1 the price V 1 first differs.

Sony HVR-V1 Review (HVR V1E)

www.TheWebVideo.Co/sony-hvr-v1-review/#more-419 Hello There, In this video, James will be reviewing the Sony HVR-V1

Sony HVR V1E 1080i tests and shots

Just this week I became the proud owner of a Sony HVRV1E HD camcorder so here’s a compilation of shots I managed to gather

Professional Electronic Condenser Interview Microphone For Sony PD190P HVR-Z1C HVR-A1C HVR-V1C DSR-PD150P DSR-250 Panasonic

Professional Electronic Condenser Interview Microphone for Sony PD190P HVR Z1C HVR A1C HVR V1C DSR PD150P DSR 250 Panasonic

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