1. The TG5V produced less noise in the surrounding area than an average model.
  2. In addition, colors were reproduced by him faithfully and with good saturation.
  3. The sharpness of the pictures also convinced the editors.
  4. In low light conditions the Sony HDR-TG5V showed about as good results as the Sony HDR-XR520V.
  5. Given its high price, the picture quality is rather average.
  6. For this, the buyer gets the HDR-TG5V a particularly well-processed video camera, which is in a valuable housing.
  7. The recordings are stored on the Sony storage medium, the Memory Stick PRO Duo.
  8. It will fit about two hours of video footage in the highest resolution.
  9. Unfortunately, the cam has only a digital Verwacklungsschutz.
  10. A special feature of the HDR-TG5V is its integrated GPS module, with which the images can be provided with their exact geodata.
  11. As a result, maps or satellite imagery with marked points of view and the assigned images can be created afterwards.
  12. In addition, the TG5 always sets the right local time – no matter where on earth you are right now.
  13. In the camera, the images with geodata can be stored in a separate archive.
  14. Face Detection, Dynamic Optimization, Touchscreen and Time-LapseThe Sony HDR-TG5V has a flip-up monitor that can be rotated around its own axis.
  15. The TG5V was therefore particularly easy to use.
  16. It has facial recognition that enhances up to eight faces in the image in terms of sharpness and exposure.
  17. In addition, the HDR-TG5V can produce time-lapse photography with a frame rate of 240 frames per second at lower resolutions.
  18. It was particularly interesting with his GPS capability for videographers who travel a lot.
  19. Since the TG5 has a fairly rich equipment, it is also accordingly expensive: It is currently offered (as of April 2009) for about 1000 US dollars.




Hdr Tg5v Test Video

Recorded in Full HD (AVC HD 16M)

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