Sony HDR PJ780VE

  1. Bright and colorful pictures are displayed on a screen width of up to 75 cm.
  2. On the way, sharp video recordings succeed thanks to the well-functioning, Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology ‘.
  3. The video quality is also excellent, apart from the slightly undifferentiated red tones.
  4. Thanks to the absolutely outstanding image stabilizer, very good picture and sound quality and the lush wide-angle focal length, this model comes up with unlikely many advantages.
  5. With consideration of the projector, the purchase price is certainly justified.
  6. Automatic mode films, was allowed to enjoy the camera much.
  7. If you can do without the light output of the beamer as well as internal memory, the better model HDR-PJ650 is better for you.
  8. For this amount one had to expect however an internal WLAN function, which one must acquire however separately against additional costs.
  9. For an external microphone, a stereo mini-jack is available and in the same format, a headphone can be connected.
  10. As the product name PJ suggests for projector, the projector can be used on the display back for a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with a brightness of 35 lumens.
  11. HDMI socket can now also be used to project videos from external sources.
  12. As a special feature can now use a classic accessory shoe, which abolts the proprietary AIS shoe – an adapter for already purchased accessories can be purchased as an option.
  13. A large stereo microphone is placed in the middle of the top and Sony also offers a wireless remote control as an accessory.
  14. Technical featuresThe Carl Zeiss lens works with a 10x optical zoom factor, which can be expanded to 17x.
  15. Digital zooming offers a magnification factor of 120.
  16. The focal lengths in 16: 9 format are given as 26 to 260 millimeters and in 4: 3 format in 31.8 to 318 millimeters.
  17. The usable starting apertures of the two extremes can be used with F1.8 and F3.4.
  18. When recording video you can use the LED light with flash function, so that the Full HD recordings at 50 frames per second are correspondingly well illuminated.
  19. Also convenient is the direct copy function on a connected USB hard disk.
  20. Although this device costs 1400 euros, it also offers unique extras.
  21. Disadvantage: long filming out of hand tires, needs a lot of space in the photo bag.
  22. The “floating” image stabilizer (Balanced Steady Shot) remains a unique feature of Sony and delivers with its completely moveable suspended optics and sensor unit gentle camera shots from the hand, which otherwise only hinbekommt with much more expensive equipment.
  23. Not only the PJ780 is equipped with it, but also the PJ650 and PJ420.
  24. We show if this is also the case with Sony’s Handycam HDR-PJ780.
  25. The criteria were image quality, autofocus, sound quality, equipment and operation.

Sony HDR PJ780VE

Sony HDR PJ780VE

Sony HDR PJ780VE

Sony Hdr Pj780ve Gain Einstellungen (Lowlight)

Hier ein kleiner Versuch, bei dem ich ein wenig mit den AGC-Einstellungen herum gespielt habe. Mein Fazit aus dem Versuch: Bis

Sony Hdr Pjve Projector Test

New Original Sony RMT-835 Remote Control Part Number: 1-479-275-51 For HDR-PJ780VE HDR-PJ790E HDR-PJ790V HDR-PJ790VE HDR-PJ810 HDR-PJ810E HDR-PJ820 HDR-PJ820E HDR-SR1 HDR-SR10 HDR-SR10D HDR-SR10E

New Original Sony RMT 835 Remote Control Part Number: 1 479 275 51 For HDR PJ780VE HDR PJ790E HDR PJ790V HDR PJ790VE HDR PJ810 HDR PJ810E HDR PJ820 HDR PJ820E HDR SR1 HDR SR10 HDR SR10D HDR SR10E

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