Sony HDR PJ530E

  1. Unfortunately, the quite respectable, but not outstanding picture quality can not be decidedly counteracted.
  2. Without the great image stabilizer the dot yield would have been much lower.
  3. It achieved a focal length range of, converted into the small picture, 26.8 to 804 millimeters.
  4. In a wide-angle setting you can film with F1.8, in telephoto, there are still F4.0.
  5. Touch Screen Display and Projector Another plus is the optical image stabilizer that balances Wackler well.
  6. But who does the photos and videos made in large? wants to see, can use the projector.
  7. Although this only has a resolution output of 640 x 360 millimeters and a light output of 25 lumens, but at least provides for a bit of fun.
  8. In contrast to the higher-quality 810er is no video light available.
  9. Also included are: WLAN, NFC and the option of dual recording.
  10. Conclusion 325 grams hold you with the extensive technology package in the hands.

Sony HDR PJ530E

Sony HDR PJ530E

Camera Video Sony Hdr Pj530 Review

Review complet pentru camera video Sony HDR-PJ530. Detin aceasta camera de cateva luni si am ajuns sa ii cunosc aproape

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Camera eingeweiht, mit allen Anfängerfehlern die man so machen kann. Die richtigen Videos werden besser, versprochen! :D.

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