Sony HDR PJ240E
  1. Unlike the other models, WLAN is not on board.
  2. However, you can still quickly transfer videos and photos to your smartphone or tablet via HDMI output.
  3. Low-light projector and small display The projector has a brightness of 13 lumens and reproduces a picture up to 100 inches in size.
  4. For a quick control of the image is a 2.7-inch small display available.
  5. This also has only 230,000 pixels, so that a Scharfeuberprufung will be hardly possible.
  6. With a focal equivalent focal length of 29.8 to 804 millimeters, the device will cope with any shooting situation and can accommodate a whole scene indoors as well as details catch up well.
  7. Above all, the light intensity of F1.9 in interior rooms can lead to a good picture quality even without video light – because that is not present – drove.
  8. This is sufficient for video recording, but clearly noticeable in photos.
  9. The video camera has neither a WLAN module, a connection for an external microphone or an eyepiece viewfinder, nor a video light.
  10. For this the bright video camera pleases the amateur filmmaker, who has only a small budget at his disposal.
  11. However, it should also have a camera!

Sony Hdr Pj240e

Ukázkové video z kamery SONY HDR-PJ240E Chip.

Sony Handycam Hdr Pje Review Lb Romana

O camera video cu proiector incorporat si o performanta excelenta.

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