Sony HDR MV1

  1. The MV1’s videos are bright even in low light, but too bright in some places.
  2. In terms of sound, the MV1 shone with a strong high-pitched reproduction, which set a certain ‘shine’ above all on classical and acoustic music performances.
  3. It is a pity that you are limited because of the side screen in the Einsatzmoglichkeiten very much, a folding screen was z.
  4. The work goes, apart from the fixed display and missing zoom, relaxed and with a low learning curve of the hand.
  5. The sound is very transparent, maybe a bit too heavy.
  6. Great sound shared quicklySony promises a better quality than you would expect from CDs.
  7. The “crystal clear” stereo sound is to be preserved by recording in linear PCM format without compression.
  8. Whether the sound is actually better than on a CD, is an open question.
  9. For sharing on the Web you can also switch to the AAC format.
  10. The cam, which has been specially developed for recording music, has another advantage: the recordings can be quickly put into the Internet via a WLAN module.
  11. Good recording quality Even the built-in 1 / 2.3 inch chip can be seen.
  12. Especially for music fans who like to hang out at concerts and take great memories home, the device is recommended.
  13. If you focus on good pictures then you should opt for a camera that may have three sensors for each of the colors green, red and blue.
  14. But you had to dig deeper into your wallet.
  15. So it makes sense to combine professional X / Y recording and 1080p video in one device.

Sony HDR MV1

Sony HDR MV1

Sony HDR MV1

Sony Hdr Mv1 Music Cam Review (Includes Sample Clips) list=RDQMxfMN3yM6hVc

A review of the Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder Camera. Amazon US: Amazon UK:

Sony Hdr Mv Music Video Recorder list=RDQMxfMN3yM6hVc

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Sony Music Video Recorder Mv1 Hdr-mv1 [Japan Import]

Sony Music Video Recorder Mv1 Hdr mv1 [Japan import]

  1. Powerful Recording Versatility

    Enjoy the flexibility of recording in either uncompressed Linear PCM (LPCM) or Internet-ready AAC sound.

  2. LPCM (44.1kHz, 16 bit) gives you the rich, high-resolution CD-quality sound with lifelike depth and tone, while AAC (48kHz, 128kbps) is the ideal digital format for sharing your music across mobile devices and the Internet.
  3. Not only that, with an optional AC adapter (AC-UD11) you can keep shooting while the supplied battery replenishes itself to ensure that you never miss that critical shot or note.

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