Sony HDR HC9

  1. The HC9 is as usual good in the hand and has in contrast to the HV30 a good workmanship.
  2. Sony offers a bit more features with color bars, histogram, slow motion and xv color, even the slightly better wide-angle or the higher photo resolution are arguments for the HDR-HC9.
  3. This positive impression strengthened pure pans without blurring.
  4. Language and music sounded consistently understandable and harmonious – very airy, sometimes a bit pointed in the highs.
  5. But that also means that nothing will change here in the future.
  6. With the HDR-HC9 is only one that records in HDV.
  7. Not surprisingly, because HDV seems increasingly to advance to a (semi) professional acquisition format and will be replaced in the consumer segment of AVCHD.
  8. All the more exciting is the question of how the HC9 would prevail against the AVCHD-dominance.

Sony HDR HC9

Sony HDR HC9

Sony Hdr Hc9 Minidv Hd Handycam Camcorder

Go to for more information. Record your memories in HD brilliance. The HDRHC9 MiniDV HD

Sony Handycam Repair Hdr Hc C Error Full Length

This video shows you how to repair C:32:11 or C:32:10 error code on Sony Handycam HDRHC9, similar to HC3, HC5 HC7 For

Sony Handycam HDR-UX10, HDR-UX20. HDR-HC9 Series Replacement AC Power Adapter

Sony Handycam HDR UX10, HDR UX20. HDR HC9 Series Replacement AC Power Adapter

  1. Allows your digital camera to use an AC power source, instead of draining power from the battery pack.

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