Sony HDR AZ1
  1. But beware: If you want to shoot with 50 frames per second in Full HD, you need to change the recording mode.
  2. Cool is that you can control with a remote control or app up to five cameras.
  3. The standby mode is very effective, above all, the camera is ready to shoot again in a matter of seconds.
  4. The colors are natural and strong, the contrast is good.
  5. With weak ambient light, the camera gets along only moderately.
  6. The recordings of the downhill are all successful and in addition to the almost perfect picture, the sound is also much better than usual in this segment.
  7. The image stabilizer works and there are only a few shaky pictures.
  8. However, the camera briefly stumbled upon the transition of light and shadow.
  9. Too bad that the battery life is now extremely short: That could be the reason that you can exchange this now.
  10. Big plus of the Sony is its good remote control; Thanks to the preview image on the wrist, this action cam is as easy and unerring to control as any other.
  11. No wonder, because the case is little bigger than a matchbox.
  12. With 24 x 36 x 74 millimeters, the small video camera is launched.
  13. Your housing is splash-proof and the buttons on the side of the body can be operated even with gloves on.
  14. This is attached like a clock on the arm and gives the view of the live view.
  15. The recording can be started and stopped via WiFi, also the different modes can be selected over it.
  16. Finally, with a remote control parallel five AZ1 cameras are remote control.
  17. The remote control also provides water and allows a depth of up to three meters.
  18. If you add an underwater protection home, you can only dive five meters deep.
  19. The GPS module is not integrated in the video camera, but also in the remote control.
  20. If you operate without a remote control, at least one warning light will show the recording.
  21. It allows Full HD recordings at 50 megabits per second.
  22. For example, the burst mode is available here.
  23. Ten photos are possible in intervals of one, two or five seconds.
  24. Even fast movements such as a jump can hold on to it.
  25. The Interval Shooting feature shoots a photo every five, ten, 30, or 60 seconds, creating a timelapse video.
  26. ConclusionThe small camera has all sorts of features.
  27. In addition, you can get even more out of the Actioncam with the PlayMemories Camera Apps.
Sony HDR AZ1

Quicklook Of Sony’S Hdr Az1

Quicklook of Sony’s new Action Cam the HDRAZ1. List of Cameras: ————————————————————————————–

Sony Hdr Az Vs Gopro Hero Black Hd

Side by Side Comparison of Sony HDR-AZ1 vs GoPro Hero4 BLACK HD List of Cameras: ———————————————————

Sony HDRAZ1VR/W Action Camera Mini Kit With Live View Remote

Sony HDRAZ1VR/W Action Camera Mini Kit with Live View Remote

    Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit For Sony Action Camera Hdr-AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v Hdr-az1 Mini Fdr-x1000v (14 Items)

    Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Action Camera Hdr AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v Hdr az1 Mini Fdr x1000v (14 Items)
    1. The bike handlebar mount with universal 1/4 inch screw can firmly attach your camera to bicycle handlebars.
    2. The 180-degree swivel head of the mount for you adjust camera in any angels, it fits handlebar with about 20-30 mm diameter,perfect to record when riding.
    3. Suction cup mount,This is an great addition for Sony Action Cam taking photos or recording in the car.
    4. It can hold the Sony Action Cam steady, easy to attach and remove.
    5. Waterproof, Lightweight and Compact (4.83 oz).Also works with all cameras with a standard 1/4″ thread.
    6. Flexible Tripod:Versatile, compact, lightweight, portable, flexible.
    7. Great Travel Tripod – Compatible with Gopro Hero,Sony action cam HDR,smart phones -truly the tripod for those on the go – flex tripod that you wrap around objects and take pictures/videos hands free.
    8. Storage pouch is provided for working as your moving pocket which you can find the camera and all the accessories right away.
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    New Sony ML621 Secondary Lithium Battery Storage Part Number 175613416 1-756-134-16 For HDR-CX220 HDR-CX220E HDR-CX230E HDR-CX240 HDR-CX240E HDR-CX250E HDR-CX260E HDR-CX260V HDR-CX400E HDR-CX410VE

    New Sony ML621 Secondary Lithium Battery Storage Part Number 175613416 1 756 134 16 For HDR CX220 HDR CX220E HDR CX230E HDR CX240 HDR CX240E HDR CX250E HDR CX260E HDR CX260V HDR CX400E HDR CX410VE
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      Sony AZ1 Action Camera Mini POV HD Video Camera

      Sony AZ1 Action Camera Mini POV HD Video Camera
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