Sony HDR AS15
  1. Depending on the situation, this can be an advantage, but it can also be a nuisance.
  2. Underwater shots are blurred, otherwise the Sony delivers good, sharp images, but basically have a blue cast.
  3. The camera takes only pictures when shooting.
  4. The attachment possibilities are not well thought out for bikers, and also the strongly faded colors with blue tones and the rickety housing disturb.
  5. On good asphalt, the image stabilizer makes a positive impact, on patch road it gets into trouble.
  6. In the with motion-intensive motifs, the Sony could not convince.
  7. The video showed fierce, in the field unabridged pronounced Wabern.
  8. The operation works with the small display and a little exercise quite mannerly.
  9. Winter makes the camera a good figure, but also in summery temperatures.
  10. A stable and waterproof protective housing is included.
  11. It allows, among other things, underwater shots up to a depth of 60 meters.
  12. As a result, it also mud splashes and cloudbursts stand.
  13. The integrated Wi-Fi function allows the transfer of stored images to a smartphone.
  14. Control via smartphone works, so you can do without the internal display.
  15. The optional extreme wide-angle and the better photosensitivity are also arguments, the hard image impression, however, is less.
  16. And you feel really safe when operating in the house, but then underwater is not a problem.
  17. The sound is crap and unfortunately only Mono to Hero 2 but already for Langen better than that was just a joke to 5 KHz.
  18. Worst of all was a constant minimum jerk at the GoPro and the Red Sting as if you were on Mars.
  19. So I was able to attach them while skiing with the purchased loop holder at the height of the ski boots.
  20. The shots in this perspective are really well done.
  21. In direct comparison, the GoPro2 works because of the missing image stabilizer like Mull!
  22. Occasionally in very fast descents, there are actually muddy-looking areas!
  23. Crisp sharp smokey or sometimes muddy parts.
  24. The small action camera is well protected from the outset – for dives up to 60 meters depth, however, the included protective housing must be used.
  25. Added to this is the good optics from Carl Zeiss, which is equipped with a sensitivity of F2.8 and offers a focal length of 15.3 millimeters corresponding to the small format.
  26. The manufacturer attaches particular importance to the existing image stabilization, which should avoid shaky recordings, which, however, is not feasible depending on the situation.
  27. The recording intervals between the individual photos are clearly too long at 5 seconds and do not correspond to the claims that athletes place on such a camera.
  28. Like some other actioncams, the Sony offers a built-in Wi-Fi feature that can forward recordings to a receiving device.
  29. And vice versa let the camera with the appropriate app remote control.
  30. While Android obviously does not get along so well with the AS15 and should always lose the connection, such problems with iOS on the iPad do not occur.
  31. Handling and BildqualitatMan must already know exactly whether you want to take photos or videos, because once the camera in Unterwassergehause, you have no way to change the settings.
  32. The optically appealing camera house is obviously not designed for operation with thick gloves, which is not a problem for a Hero3.
  33. Even if the sensor offers a nice resolution in the video area, artifacts in the picture already occur at 720p and also the display with 1080p does not correspond to the expected quality with strong distortions in the edge area.
  34. Bottom line: The demands on an Actioncam might be very different depending on the application, but the developers of such devices should cooperate more with the athletes and take into account their professional needs – certainly quite useful for the moderate hobby use with fun factor.
Sony HDR AS15
Sony HDR AS15
Sony HDR AS15

Sony Hdr As15 Pov Action Cam Review

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    Depending on the situation, this can be an advantage, but it can also be a nuisance. Underwater shots are blurred, otherwise the Sony delivers good, sharp images, but basically have a blue cast. The camera takes only pictures when shooting. The attachment possibilities are not well thought out for bikers, and also...