Sony FDR AX1
  1. Here, the AX1 helps with numerous automatic and manual setting options.
  2. After a short training period, the handling is simple and targeted.
  3. So far you have seen at best on top mastered Blu-rays.
  4. Since Sony attaches the editing software, it is worth recording in 4K and output in HD.
  5. That manual focus is because of an inaccurate focus engine to the art, Sony should improve.
  6. The AX 1 comes despite the abandonment of photo features, remote control.
  7. Unfortunately, there are hardly any films that are already shot in Ultra HD.
  8. The Cam with addictive potential, however, is not for the small petty Borse.
  9. EUR has to be put down for the apparatus with the high resolution.
  10. High-quality imagesNot only the high resolution, which provides an enormous sharpness and detail, but also the fact that is recorded with 60 frames per second, impressed.
  11. Especially taking pictures in poorer light conditions benefit from it.
  12. The interior shots are also supported by the extremely high light intensity of F1.6 to F3,4 of the zoom lens.
  13. Although the wide-angle, which is at a picture equivalent of 31.5 millimeters, may have turned out a little larger, the telephoto range with 630 millimeters can be used in the best way possible.
  14. Best picture controlThe monitor resolves with 1,229,000 pixels and is 3.5 inches in diagonal.
  15. To ensure image control even in unusual circumstances, the Xtra Fine LCD has a 180 degree aperture angle and a maximum rotation angle of 270 degrees.
  16. But also the usual look through the eyepiece viewer is possible.
  17. Especially in sunlight, the extra viewfinder with a size of 0.45 inches can be helpful.
  18. Another featureEditing such data sets is still a bit difficult.
  19. As a format Sony has taken XAVC as a model, but slightly modified.
  20. A high-quality microphone is integrated, in addition there are two XLR connections for more powerful external microphones.
  21. ConclusionThe camera has not been developed for professional use.

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