Sony DCR TR 8000 E

  1. The lens (Zeiss) is great and the resolution is still very good even in LP mode.
  2. Meanwhile, even larger batteries are available at ridiculous prices.
  3. And if you can cope with 20x optical and max. 100x digital zoom, there are also essays by z.
  4. Hama, then the device will suffice under almost all circumstances.

SONY Hi8 8mm EV-S900 NTSC ①

SONY Hi8 8mm EV-S900 NTSC ①.


Sony PC110 C:31:22 C:31:23 C:31:11 C:31:40 C:31:42 errors repair

WARNING – If you carry out this repair, you are doing so entirely at your own risk. Although it worked OK with my camera, remember