Sony DCR SR80

Sony DCR SR80 HandyCam

Sony DCR SR80 HandyCam.

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Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone For DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders

Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR DVD405, 505, HDR SR1, UX1 & DCR SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders

  1. We professionally produce instructional videos for my wife’s small business and have a fairly elaborate wireless microphone system we use when shooting video in our studio, but we wanted an easier system to use when making quick videos in “the field”.
  2. The receiver attaches to the proprietary Active Interface Shoe (AIS) of the camera and was recognized without any additional configuration required.
  3. There are two “On” settings on the receiver unit, one that provides microphone input solely from the wireless mic and “5.1ch Center” which uses the “Center Channel” for the wireless mic and the camera’s on-board mics for the sides.
  4. The “5.1ch Center” works well for our instructional videos since it lets us focus on the “talent”, but still sounds more natural.
  5. The transmitter is large (about the size of double thickness “Zippo” lighter) and feels “plasticy”, but it works very well.
  6. The takes two 2x AAA batteries (not included) and runs for just over an hour or so before they need to be changed.
  7. The transmitter can be attached via the included clip, armband, or lanyard, and also includes a wind screen for use outside.
  8. We have used this out to 60′ with solid results and no interference.
  9. There is a setting on this mic to set it as the center channel.
  10. Recently we used this to record our daughters Holiday recital.
  11. The microphone picked up her voice as the main center channel and the rest of the singers surrounded her.
  12. This would not have been possible without this wireless mic.
  13. We were sitting about 50-60 feet away and the sound was excellent and we the bluetooth connection was never disrupted or disconnected.
  14. We even used it for her meeting with Santa and it was incredible to hear her whispering what she wanted to Santa.
  15. Our past videos simply have lips moving with inaudible sound.
  16. What a great experience to capture with the simple addition of this microphone.
  17. The bluetooth receiver uses power from the hotshoe so it doesn’t need additional batteries.
  18. I only have two minor complaints…
    – The neck strap is itchy.
  19. It is a nylon strap and the back portion is melted on to connect the strap.
  20. I’ll look for another strap but it is hard to find one that will work since the mic opening is tiny.
  21. My second minor annoyance is that when wearing the neck strap, any slight movement causes quite a bit of rustling sound.
  22. We tried it with both the wind guard (small felt like cover) on and off and still get the rustling.
  23. Problem is especially worse with winter jackets that are loud anyways.
  24. The solution would be to use the clip or armband but the clip kept falling off our daughter and she kept playing with the armband and it looked unusual to have the armband on.
  25. We are learning how to use this better and will practice with better placement of clip/armband when the situation arises.
  26. The main part of the video was shot using my mac’s built-in iSight, and recorded from the internal mic.
  27. I played around with the audio on that to get it to sound as it does, it was very quiet.
  28. I did not touch the audio of me speaking across the room at all, and you really have to turn it up to hear anything.
  29. The audio from the external mic is as-recorded, I did not do any post-production work to it.
  30. Exactly what I was looking for to do mid-to-long range shots.
  31. I haven’t tried it outside yet, but if this is any indication of the type of performance, I will be very pleased with this product.
  32. For me, range isn’t really a consideration, but maybe someday I will want to do extreme-distance shots and I’ll test its limits then.

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