Sony DCR SR36E

  1. Memory sticks of any capacity even for video recordings.
  2. If this huge storage capacity should be exhausted, the handy DCR-SR36E can also record on a memory stick.
  3. But the lens has turned up a good deal: The lens system from Carl Zeiss is equipped with a 40x optical zoom and digital 2000x zoom.
  4. Of the zoom performance, the filmmaker can not only hope good: lenses that have such a large focal length, often suffer from distortion and aberrations.
  5. From the digital zoom, the ambitious video player may promise nothing at all: Since the image information blo? Calculated by the processor, the image quality could drastically decrease as more is zoomed.
  6. However, it can display widescreen format and is also sensitive to touch.
  7. In the menu, the user will also find the movie Roll Index and the Face Index.
  8. The camera marks certain sections of film and faces with them, which can then be used to jump backwards or forwards.
  9. This should make it particularly easy to find a specific spot in the recorded video.

Camcorder Zoom Testsony Handycam Dcr Sr36e

Testing the sr36e.

Sony Dcr Sre


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