Sony DCR HC 96 E

  1. The picture quality could have turned out even more convincing.
  2. The buyer is compensated with an outstanding time lapse function.
  3. In addition, the extensive photo features are highlighted.
  4. Too bad that Panasonic in its top model on filmer features such as external audio recording or dispense the digital input.
  5. This pleases theers, because not always the new brooms return better, moreover, the cost price of 850 euros is now slumped by 200 euros.
  6. From multi-channel recordings, which were still possible with the last generation with an additional microphone, Sony is again rocked.
  7. The technically mature top cameras of the HC series are in 16: 9 recording mode at their best.
  8. Not only because the monitor format for widescreen recording invites, but also and above all because the quality is right.
  9. With a suggested retail price of 850 euros, the model DCR-HC96ed here is already in a mid-range position.
  10. Unfortunately, less and less devices are sold and offered at this price.
  11. criteria were image quality, sound quality and features.

Sony DCR HC 96 E

Sony DCR-HC96 MiniDV Handycam test

Sony’s best ever consumer-grade MiniDV camcorder, from 2006-2007. Recorded 2/25/2012 (outdoor scenes) and 11/25/2013 (

Convert Old tapes to Digital with a Mini DV camcorder

How to use a Sony DCR-HC96 to convert Video 8, Hi 8, and VCR tapes to Digital to store in computer… If you dont have this

Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Microphone For DCR-HC96, DCR-DVD305, 405, 505, DCR-SR80, 100, HDR-HC3, HC5 & HDR-UX5 Camcorders

Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Microphone for DCR HC96, DCR DVD305, 405, 505, DCR SR80, 100, HDR HC3, HC5 & HDR UX5 Camcorders

  1. It serves two functions, it records two different types of audio channels.
  2. But even with a good Handycam model that has a good microphone, there’s a limit to what it can do, so you would need an external microphone for more recording options.
  3. Some users have complained about the size of it sticking out on the camera and may reduce the portability of your Handycam.
  4. Overall, the microphone is very sturdy and well constructed for placing on top of your Handycam and doesn’t feel at all cheap or like it will break on your camera.
  5. It’s a solid purchase, and easily the best microphone out Sony’s line.
  6. This little microphone has made all the difference in the world in the sound quality of their live show videos.
  7. I tried all the settings on my camera to see if anything would help with the horrible distorted sound of the video, but nothing worked.
  8. I actually made this purchase based on another review that I saw on here, from someone who also wanted it for the same pupose.
  9. I’ve taped several concerts of theirs with the mic, and it’s 100% better.
  10. It’s small enough to fit in the camera case, or even just my purse!

Buy for $ 99.99