Sony Bloggie MHS FS3

  1. The included software is a great help and should be used.
  2. However: For cutting and filmmaking, the device is only conditionally.

Sony Bloggie MHS FS3

Sony Bloggie MHS FS3

Sony Bloggie MHS FS3

Pocket 3d With The Sony Bloggie Mhs Fs3

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Sony Bloggie™ D Mobile Hd Snap Camera Mhs Fs

World’s First* HD 3D Pocket Camera.

SONY MobileHD Camera Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3

SONY MobileHD Camera Bloggie 3D MHS FS3

  1. Can also progressive record of 1280 × 720 60p to enjoy smoother, even playback video.
  2. Because it is the image sensor of high sensitivity, I get to clean even in dark scenes, such as indoor or night scenes.
  3. D shooting was taken aside vertical shooting is freedom 3D shooting use in horizontal position.
  4. D shooting, was taken aside vertical shooting is freedom just to change the direction of the camera.
  5. Some of the height in the vertical position, the horizontal position, you can leave as it is what you saw vast landscape.
  6. The aim is up, four times digital zoom (only 2D shooting)
    You can take to clean in 3D everyday If you “Bloggie 3D”, I get easily a beautiful 3D video high-definition image quality.
  7. The lens 2 image sensor, for recording high-definition resolution of each image of the right eye, left eye, and has realized the 3D shooting of higher quality.
  8. Of course, as well as video, still images can be 3D shooting.
  9. Video and still image recording plentiful

    It is equipped with a built-in memory of 8GB compact size.

  10. Record of about 4 hours maximum is possible if high-definition video.
  11. This model is a model that has been discontinued domestic production (Japan).