Somikon DV 812.HD

  1. Unfortunately, the numbers change a bit because interpolation is the magic magic word.
  2. In the sunshine, this is not noticeable, but in difficult light conditions, this can lead to less detail, especially since the light intensity is only at F3,1.
  3. Also from Somikon hei? advertised optics sounds like more assets than is actually there.
  4. An eightfold digital zoom sounds good, but it is not.
  5. After all, only a part of the actual picture is enlarged and the quality suffers.
  6. Therefore, it is better, so it is possible to do without this zoom and closer to approaching the subject.
  7. Gadgets on board Finally, you have to do it with a video camera.
  8. And here, too, one can say that the resolution did not quite trust Full HD quality.
  9. For better control, the 2.7-inch small display is hinged and rotatable.
  10. Simple image editing features such as rotate and crop images or a slideshow feature is included.
  11. For older TV sets Somikon still offers an AV output.
  12. ConclusionSo can not really satisfy the device.
  13. Although it is easy to use and is therefore not bad for beginners, but so real movie enthusiasm does not come up.
  14. An external micro is not connectable and the internal works too bad.
  15. An example should clarify this: They film two people in the conversation.
  16. Filmed from the ground up, both speakers are equal to each other.
  17. However, if the original sound makes it clear that one person is more dominant than the other person, you can make that clear with the selection of the image.
  18. Important differences Filming is not that easy (technically speaking).

Somikon DV 812.HD

Somikon Dv 812 Hd Unboxing Test Fazit

Hier das Unboxing und Test der Somikon DV 812 HD.

Somikon Dv .Hd Full Hd Camcorder Review/Test [Deutsch|Hd]

Hallo Leute und herzlich wilkommen zu unserem Test zum Somikon DV-812.HD Full HD-Camcorder . Wir sind Sven und Beni und

Soft Grip Handheld Action Camera Stabiliser With Stereo/Flash Mount For The Somikon DV-812.HD – By Duragadget

Soft Grip Handheld Action Camera Stabiliser With Stereo/Flash Mount For The Somikon DV 812.HD   By Duragadget

  1. Features an additional shoe mount on top, making it easy to attach a microphone or light!<
  2. This handheld stabiliser is the perfect tool for any filmmaker or photographer, this stabiliser allows you to keep your shots steady and focused even while skateboarding, skiing or snowboarding to name a few.
  3. It has a soft to the touch handle with finger grooves for additional grip, it allows you to get shots from a whole new perspective, as it’s incredible portability allows you to get it in those hard to reach places.
  4. The stabiliser is a durable, lightweight device, it also includes a removeable shoe mount on top, which is a perfect extra as you can now hold other accessories such as a camera light or microphone!

Buy for $ 32.99

Protective EVA Portable Case (in Grey) For Somikon DV-101.easy / Somikon DV-812.HD / Somikon DV-832.aqua – By DURAGADGET

Protective EVA Portable Case (in Grey) for Somikon DV 101.easy / Somikon DV 812.HD / Somikon DV 832.aqua   by DURAGADGET

  1. The case is lined with a padded grey lining providing ample storage with adjustable dividers, allowing you to comfortably store everything you and your camera could possibly need.
  2. All inserts are fully removable, including a padded pouch to keep your camera and/or accessories scratch free.
  3. INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 215 x 165 x 85 mm

    Please note: You should take the time to double check the dimensions of your camera to ensure that it will fit securely in our case.

  4. Any devices shown in our images are for display purposes only.

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