Samsung VP X220L

  1. The bike tour survived the Samsung complaint; the pictures look well contrasted and colourfast, but a stronger stabilization would have been necessary to suppress cobblestone shaking.
  2. Carry bag; PictBridge; 2GB internal memory; can also be used as a webcam or MP3 player; super easy operation.
  3. And since the weekend is now my 11-month-old Samsung I900 Omnia broken.
  4. Sent service so it tells me it can not do it and has to send it in now.
  5. Until it broke down, has hung up again and again.
  6. Returned for a guarantee, got it again, a few months later it hung up again.
  7. Shortly after the warranty again broken, other defect, display did not work anymore and this joystick was also broken.
  8. Some time later it hanged herself again, same mistake as before.
  9. Returned, only this time I should pay 140 dollars and have to pay each time the shipping.
  10. Have contacted Samsung, but they want to know nothing about it.
  11. Incidentally, I’m already waiting over a week for a final answer.
  12. My opinion, an outdoor camera that does not seem mature and is not solid.
  13. In contrast to the sound, which struggles against the zoom and focusing noise due to the minimalism of the MM 12 (almost in vain).
  14. In size and weight, however, it is identical to the MM 12, the same applies to the functionality.

The Father Son Collective – Sessions – Aston Hill

A montage of sessions at Aston Hill including Surface to Air and the Black Run. Filmed using a Samsung Sports Camcorder VP

The Father Son Collective Bull Run Snake Run Chicksands Bike Park

A short edit featuring The Son following The Father on The Bull Run and The Snake Run at Chicksands Bike Park. Filmed using a

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