Samsung Gear 360
  1. In addition, the user has to install many additional programs for the VR mode on the smartphone – and the mode’s also available only in the Gear VR.
  2. For longer sessions, the battery of the seven-centimeter diameter ball cam can be changed.
  3. Movies and pictures can be transferred immediately via Bluetooth or Wifi-Direct to your mobile phone and shared on Facebook and Youtube.
  4. This camera should not be underestimated, however small it is.
  5. The communication with the smartphone works very well, but let the camera synonymous directly on the device control.
  6. The picture quality is neat, but does not reach the sharpness of the previous actioncams.
  7. The victory goes to the Samsung Gear 360 with the best picture and easy operation.
  8. At first I was a bit disappointed that the camera can not be operated with my iPhone 6s.
  9. Was not that bad, because I also own a Samsung S7 EDGE.
  10. The battery and the memory card are easy to insert and after charging you can already start.
  11. The case and the small tripod are executed very high quality and in my view very solid and stable.
  12. In sum, the external impression exudes good quality.
  13. I like the fact that the camera can be screwed onto any tripod thanks to the standardized thread.
  14. To get better pictures, it makes sense to position the camera a bit higher with a big tripod.
  15. The operation of the app is simple and self-explanatory for the normal user.
  16. One prints the release and can marvel at the whole room.
  17. Either you drive your finger over the display to change the viewing angle or you just swing the phone.
  18. The camera can be operated by your own controls but also very well without a mobile phone.
  19. The recorded videos are then transferred to the computer after removing the memory card.
  20. Of course, a good result is strongly dependent on the ambient lighting, but I also like in slightly poorer light conditions also good.
  21. Highly recommended for outdoor shooting in good weather.
  22. Facebook can surprise your friends with sharp 360 degree shots.
  23. Everyone who is enthusiastic about modern camera technology at a fair price, there is only one thing.
  24. Packaging: 5/5 As usual with Samsung: very well packaged.
  25. Tip: a Micro SDXCS memory card must be purchased separately.
  26. First impression: 4.5 / 5 The camera is heavier than expected.
  27. In the Gengen part: The Samsug Gear 360 is very well made and makes a solid impression.
  28. Prerequisite to fully use the camera is a new Samsung phone.
  29. After installing the app, the connection with the camera will work properly.
  30. Using (Camera): 4.5 / 5 There are two buttons on the Samsung Gear 360 side: On / Off and Mode.
  31. Taking pictures or movies is very easy: First you can choose the mode: Video, Photo, Time Lapse (Time Lapse Mode) or Video Looping (I have noted).
  32. There are different resolutions and settings for each mode – but it is very easy to use).
  33. But to make more interesting shots, it’s better to use either a selfie stick or a bigger tripod.
  34. I highly recommend the Top TT-200 Tabletop Stand.
  35. Even better: put on the Gear VR Headset – FANTASTIC !!!
  36. Tip: It is better to keep the camera at least eye level when holding the camera with your hand.
  37. Processing and distribution of images and films: 3/5 The images and films can be sent directly from the app on Youtube and Facebook.
  38. A license for Action Gear 360 comes with the camera.
  39. This program makes it possible to create 360 ​​° films on a PC.
  40. But you have to have a lot of patience: on a fast PC, the calculator takes about 5 minutes to edit a minute of film.
  41. The 360 ​​° allow a new design of filming and photo taking.
  42. With the software and the distribution of the pictures still a little must be reground.
  43. Also for the future I can really imagine ingenious things with it.
  44. However, it is very complicated and annoying to upload the corresponding photos and videos.
  45. We have taken forever to upload the videos and photos and there are some swear words thus come about.
  46. Also, that you can not just send the videos and photos to a friend, we find a real pity.
  47. Some videos and photos you did not like first on Facebook and Co.
  48. We also got familiar with the software for the PC for a short time and did not realize it at all.
  49. The program has hung up several times and this has hanged itself when importing the videos from the memory card into the program (for editing) the PC and the videos can not be opened.
  50. After this “success” we have then left the hands of it before even more videos become useless.
  51. A nice “toy”, which is a real enrichment for lovers of photos and videos.
  52. However, the current small selection of smartphones that support the app, a slightly expensive purchase.
  53. If the app could eventually be used with other smartphones, an acquisition would be much more interesting.
  54. You can use the two lenses of the camera either together or individually.
  55. It is only to be noted that the angle of view of the lenses, each with 180 ° is significantly larger than in normal cameras.
  56. The Samsung Gear 360 only complies with selected Samsung smartphones.
  57. This supports memory cards with a size of up to 256 GB.
  58. In addition, shots can be transferred to a compatible smartphone using the Gear 360 Manager app for quick sharing and backup.
  59. Users are especially stumped that the camera is only compatible with quite a few Samsung smartphones.
  60. Although the camera takes only a vertical angle of 220 °, but convinces by a low price and extensive accessories.
  61. In addition, it is waterproof to a depth of 10 m.
Samsung Gear 360
Samsung Gear 360

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