Rollei Movieline SD 10

  1. So it benefits from features such as pre-recording or time-lapse.
  2. In the tone, it even does his job a little bit worse.
  3. In any case, must? I say that the camera in Full HD mode makes very good and clear shots.
  4. I was really excited about that, even though the picture sometimes showed a clear blue cast when shooting in the snow.
  5. Indoor shots were also very bad and actually useless.
  6. Here are more disadvantages of the camera that I disagreed with.
  7. First, must? I say that the zoom noise of the camera is really very loud and when playing on the TV is very loud and annoying.
  8. In addition, it is not possible to show date or time in video or still photos.
  9. The camera has a digital image stabilizer, which is not available in FULL HD mode.
  10. But even here, the image stabilizer shows virtually no effect.
  11. One has the impression that the image stabilizer is only a menu item without function.
  12. The menu itself is very simple but looks very playful.
  13. A slightly simpler and clearer menu would have been better.
  14. What also bothered me is that the battery icon is not displayed during the recording.
  15. Time is filming, must? you can be surprised if the battery is still enough.
  16. The lens cover must? to open by hand, make the better manufacturer better.
  17. This means you can not charge a second battery when you have the camera in operation.
  18. The sequential playback of the images in the camera is also not possible, so must you can press Play after each clip.
  19. I’ve had several cameras so far, but none of them has had the sound as bad as the Rollei SD-10.
  20. My conclusion: Rollei seems to have put the whole focus on the FULL-HD mode with this camera.
  21. But other important things were neglected.
  22. So the loud zoom, the missing date and the bad image stabilizer is unacceptable.
  23. A pity, the camera really had the potential to become a very good camera when Rollei fixed the bugs.
  24. I hope I could give an impression of the camera.
  25. The pictures remain quite stable even with jerky movements.
  26. The built-in microphone is really fine for these conditions and does not rush too much.
  27. But even here you can achieve good results in the post.
  28. It is also not really recognizable if this was done completely.
  29. But this is minor in this price range because the ease of use of the Cam and the results make up for such petty jokes.
  30. The use of the cam as a digital photo camera, we can recommend despite the advertised high resolution neither in bad nor in good light.
  31. Here we were even told, the results are equal to a disaster.
  32. Conclusion: We recommend the camera for filmmakers who want to put their work either quickly with high resolution on the net or want to get away with editing the editing program and still best for photo shoots in a separate camera should invest.
  33. For high resolution, the SD10 was equipped with a single CMOS sensor.
  34. Your own work can be recorded on an SD or SDHC card.
  35. In addition, there is an internal memory with a capacity of 256 megabytes available.
  36. Large screen and macro shooting The Rollei Movieline SD-10 has a fairly large sized monitor that measures three inches diagonally.
  37. The optics of the SD-10 have a 10x optical zoom.
  38. It can also be made macro shots with the device: For this purpose, the videographer can approach up to one centimeter close to the subject.
  39. HDMI output, the recordings can be immediately transferred to the TV or a monitor.
  40. The Rollei Movieline SD-10 is particularly inexpensive: it should cost only about 250 euros.
  41. I got the camera for Christmas, but unfortunately I can not import it.
  42. You can then convert Avi into Quicktime formats or if Quicktime on your PC, this possibly

Rollei Movieline SD 10

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