robbe Modellsport Blue Arrow Nano Loop RTF 2.4 GHz

  1. In stunt mode, the pilot has more options, but you also have to be careful, otherwise you lose control.
  2. Nano Loop is surprisingly stable for its size and thus almost unbreakable.
  3. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the control and flight behavior of ‘adult’ multicopters.
  4. This makes the entry for newbies somewhat more demanding, but can be compensated with enough training units in terms of the controller.
  5. The small flying thing is named Blue Arrow Nano Loop and with a rotor distance of 120 mm and a take-off weight of 33 g including battery is really tiny.
  6. A remote-controlled model was considered closer, but not rated.
  7. The Blue Arrow Nano Loop by robbe is just palm-sized. and makes a lot of noise during operation.
  8. Which strong and weak stuck under the blue-black-white hood, betrays the.
  9. A remote-controlled model wased, which, however, remained without annote.

Robbe Blue Arrow Nano Loop Trailer

Robbe Modellsport dankt der Gemeinde Wartenberg für die freundliche Unterstützung bei den Dreharbeiten im Wartenberg-Oval!

Robbe Blue Arrow Nano Loop Mini Kanal Quadrokopter Ufo Rtf , Ghz S

Demovideo vom nur 13 cm kleinen Robbe Nanoloop Mini Quadrokopter. Der Quadrokopter wird komplett mit 2,4GHz Fernsteuerung