Revell Control Hexatron FPV

  1. Quite clearly, the Hexatron FPV wants to be flown dynamically and not stay in one spot for long.
  2. Too bad, because actually one expects of a multicopter, that it can float without great effort calmly in one place.
  3. Especially in conjunction with the built-in camera and the FPV feature that is unfortunate.
  4. Although the quality of the photos can not convince, but the video recordings is very good.
  5. The image on the FPV display is fine, to be able to recognize subtleties is simply not in this price range.
  6. In any case, the commissioning is straightforward and the image is transmitted without disturbance and flicker.
  7. Positive surprise even with the quality of the pictures and filming.
  8. Did not have that long the new FPV version, which is synonymous without.
  9. The copter was behind? from the first flight to a sustainable good impression.
  10. With the same expectation, we met the FPV version this time.
  11. The promise of Revell that both beginners and advanced with the Hexatron simply have fun! can seem to have fulfilled.
  12. The copter has a total of four speeds (40%, 70%, 90% and 100%) in both variants.
  13. With these settings, the copter controls the inclination of the control commands.

Revell Control Hexatron FPV

Revell Control Hexatron FPV

Revell Multicopter Hexatron

In diesem Video präsentiere ich dir den Hexatron von Revell. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Multicopter, der richtig Laune macht.

Revell Control // Hexatron // Hexakopter // Gewöhnungsflug, Familiarization Flight

Hier fliege ich das Modell erst einmal gemütlich ein und gewöhne mich an seine Flugeigenschaften. Ein kleines Problem ist die 4K

Revell Control 23952 – Hexatron FPV Hexacopter RTF By Revell

Revell Control 23952   Hexatron FPV Hexacopter RTF by Revell

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