RED Epic W 8K
  1. At 25p recording in 8K, however, the danger of motion blur or jerky pans is an issue.
  2. If you keep both in view, but experienced with the Epic-W total filmmaking freedom.
  3. With the PMW-150, I came just up to 80 inches to the subject and then had to switch to tele-macro in the menu to get to 10 inches.
  4. An inexpensive alternative: video lights with LED technology (from 130 euros).
  5. They have a brightness control (dimmer), with which the light output can be dosed well and adapted to the ambient light.
  6. Different-colored foils stuck in front of the light source provide atmospheric lighting.
  7. Tip: A flashlight also serves well as an auxiliary light.
  8. The image must be impeccable in such close-ups.
  9. Due to the proximity to the motif detail is also only a small depth of field available.
  10. In contrast, his pre-recording is a win in every situation.
  11. The JVC duo not only records one, but two cards.
  12. Theoretically, it can be altogether with 64 GB memory cards Bestucken.
  13. First, it is clear: The battery can not be recharged and should be disposed of better.

Dope Tech 8k Red Epic W Unboxing!

8K is here! Exclusive RED EpicW unboxing and showcasing first footage! Dope Tech – RED Weapon:

The Redwoods | Shot On Epic W With Helium K S Sensor K Hdr

“The Redwoods” shot by Jonny Mass and Spencer Davies follows one persons experiences as they adventure through the 4K

SmallRig Side Plates For RED Raven/Epic-W 8k/Scarlet-W 5k/Weapon Mg 6k/Weapon 8K S35/Weapon 8K VV With NATO Rail And Rosette – 2018

SmallRig Side Plates for RED Raven/Epic W 8k/Scarlet W 5k/Weapon Mg 6k/Weapon 8K S35/Weapon 8K VV with NATO Rail and Rosette   2018
  1. Threaded Holes: Both plates have the 1/4” threaded holes which can attach the magic arm for monitor.
  2. And both side plates are compatible with Top Plate 1748 and Base Plate 1756 via 1/4” screws.
  3. Slim and Lightweight: Made of high strength aluminum alloy materials.
  4. The left side plate with NATO rail could attach EVF Mount 1594 for monitor.
  5. Both plates come with Arri rosettes to mount Wooden Grip 1941/1891 for handheld shooting or mount dog bones for rosette handle for run-and-gun scenario.
  6. Both plates are compatible with Top Plate 1748 and Base Plate 1756 via 1/4” screws.
  7. The thing I like about it is that it is easy to slide off when packing up equipment, or rotating the handle itself.
  8. No need to screw and unscrew the handle when putting the camera away.
  9. It also has an additional finger grip, which feels better than the RED DSMC2 Universal Handle.
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