RC Logger NovaX 350
  1. The NovaX has now completed several dozen flights and allowed no weak.
  2. There were no crashing, reception errors or other defects.
  3. The technique of the set is mature and performs its service without complaint.
  4. Quadrokopter beginners find in the NovaX 350 of RC Logger an uncomplicated and reliable partner.
  5. The range of functions also leaves enough room to experiment.
RC Logger NovaX 350
RC Logger NovaX 350
RC Logger NovaX 350
RC Logger NovaX 350

Rclogger Novax 350 Review Rcgroups.Com

The RCLogger NovaX 350 is a workhorse quad that can pull double duty as an exciting FPV exploration machine and a cinematic

Quadrocopter Rc Logger Novax Im Praxistest

Ein GPS Quadrocopter der neusten Generation im Praxischeck Den Test findet ihr hier: www.roboternetz.de/community/

RC Logger Waterproof Nylon Backpack With Fully Customizable Inside For 350-sized Drones And Cameras With A High Wearing Comfort

RC Logger Waterproof Nylon Backpack With Fully Customizable Inside For 350 sized Drones And Cameras With A High Wearing Comfort
  1. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE INSIDE: Custom fitted dividers allow you to configure the backpack to fit your needs from day to day.
  2. WATERPROOF AND WELL PROTECTED: A nylon finish ensures the safety of the drone and the backpack is therefore suitable for all weather types.
  3. For additional protection the dividers are thick and able to absorb shocks.
  4. COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The backpack itself is lightweight which makes it even easier to transport.
  5. The wide and thick straps together with breathable mesh ensure extra comfort while going out to fly.
  6. When you go out for flying you do not want to worry about how to transport your drone and the equipment you need.
  7. By minimizing the risk of damage, giving you the possibility of fully customizing the interior and providing a high wearing comfort the RC Logger backpack lets you focus on what really matters: You, your journey and flying!
  8. Manage your space
    The backpack offers enough space for storing your drone, transmitter, FPV goggles, spare parts, antennas and camera equipment.
  9. The long and short dividers inside the backpack can be arranged according to your need and make the backpack extremely versatile.
  10. In addition a small removable pouch is included for smaller parts.
  11. Safe and comfortable
    The water resistant nylon material and the additional waterproof bag cover can effectively protect your quadcopter and the equipment in the rain.
  12. Extra comfort is guaranteed by soft and breathable mash on the back, wide and thick straps, a sternum strap and a waist strap for perfect weight distribution.
Buy for $ 59.90

Luxebell Outdoor Sports Camera Accessories Kit For Gopro Hero 6 5 Session 4 3 2 Sjcam DBPOWER AKASO Apeman Xiaomi Yi

Luxebell Outdoor Sports Camera Accessories Kit for Gopro Hero 6 5 Session 4 3 2 Sjcam DBPOWER AKASO Apeman Xiaomi Yi
  1. The Chest Harness Strap Belt and Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle helps your Gopro camera to have a shooting and recording steadily on the chest.
  2. Used in bicycle and autocycle riding,sking boating, fishing,hiking,etg.
  3. The adjustable head strap is compatible with all sizes GoPro cameras.
  4. It allows you to use the Gopro camera on head or helmet to record those before you.
  5. It also includes a 3-way adjustable pivot arm, meeting different requirements of the users.
  6. The removable suction cup mount is an essential gadget for camera taking photos or recording in the car.
  7. It can attach your GoPro camera with this industrial strength suction cup to cars, boats, motorcycles and more.
  8. With it, you can secures your gopro flat against your wrist for hands-free convenience.
  9. WiFi Remote to your wrist, arm, bike handle, steering wheel – virtually anything!<
  10. Waterproof, Lightweight and Compact (4.83 oz).Also works with all cameras with a standard 1/4″ thread.
  11. This package is ideal as a starter kit or as a replacement or expansion for your current collection of equipment.
  12. I think this should cover any setup my dear daughter could think of and then some.
  13. My main concern is her losing some parts as there are so many and whether or not they’ll hold up to her usage.
  14. It’s the circular attachment in the 2nd photo as you scroll through the images.
  15. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be included since it’s featured in the photo.
  16. I have original gopro products and these appear to be of the same quality.
  17. In fact, side by side I could not tell them apart if it were not for the logo on the gopro products.
  18. I would purchase again and recommend this to anyone wanting a good quality product.
Buy for $ 24.99

RC Logger Aerial Photography Drone For GoPro Camera, Custom Flight Path, Long Flight Time With Altitude Hold And Position Hold Functions

RC Logger Aerial Photography Drone for GoPro camera, Custom flight path, Long flight time with Altitude hold and Position hold functions
  1. Illumination enhancement: the led pack provides an array of cool and fascinating visual effects and is perfect for showing off eye-catching and bright color effects, making your drone both easier to operate at night as well as exciting to watch.
  2. Long flight time: the large battery capacity (3s 5200mah) ensures a long flight time of 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Broad compatibility: this drone is an universal platform for all kinds of gimbals and capable of carrying the gopro camera.
  4. For an ensuring the best aerial photography experience 2 landing gear options are included (short for standard flying, long for aerial photography).
  5. Smartphone app: the app for android and ios supports modern technologies as software managed auto return technology (s.
  6. The NovaX 350 Plus takes the already full featured NovaX 350 to a new level with fully programmable LED lighting built right into the arms!
  7. The universal camera platform allows you to mount your favorite camera systems.
  8. The concept defines to provide pilots an ideal platform for aerial photography applications while maintaining a fresh, different and extremely maneuverable construction allowing even the most challenging acrobatic flight.
Buy for $ 319.00https://www.goophoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/logger-novax-350.pnghttps://www.goophoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/logger-novax-350-150x150.pngCam GuyDrones MultiCopter