Primos Proof Camera 03

  1. The camouflage print is much lighter in contrast to the other photo traps.
  2. On a gray beech trunk, the camera could attract forest visitors.
  3. The 24 m range of the sensor indicated on the packaging could not be confirmed in the.

2015 Primos Proof Cam 3 Review

The Primos Proof 3 Review covers all the pros and cons of this no glow trail camera. How fast is the trigger, recovery and how well

How To Quickly Set Up Your New Primos Proof Cam.

Team Primos member, Lake Pickle, explains how to set up your new Primos Proof Cam.

Camlockbox Security Box To Fit Primos Proof Cam 01-Proof Cam 02-Proof Cam 03

Camlockbox Security box to fit Primos Proof Cam 01 Proof Cam 02 Proof Cam 03

  1. This allows camera to be taken in and out and still point back to the same spot.
  2. This box is powder coated with A Camo Break-up paint applied.
  3. The CAMLOCKbox security box helps to protect your camera from nature’s elements as well as stops animals from chewing on your trail camera.

Buy for $ 32.90

Primos 12MP Proof Cam 03 HD Trail Camera With No Glow LEDs, TRUTH Camo

Primos 12MP Proof Cam 03 HD Trail Camera with No Glow LEDs, TRUTH Camo

  1. The Primos bullet proof camera is the simplest camera to use, period.
  2. Simply insert batteries and an SD card, then turn the camera on.
  3. You get full color daytime Images and Infrared night mages.
  4. Primos mission is to maintain the hallmark that defines them: quality.

Buy for $ 139.83