Panasonic VDR D150

  1. The VDR-D150 is a successful presentation at this low price.
  2. The multi-format design, the huge zoom range, the long battery life and the external charger speak in favor of this device.
  3. The solid picture and sound performance paired with the attractive price make the Sony a bargain for the quality-conscious.
  4. So far the DVD models came from the co-production with Hitachi, so the current devices lay the foundation for a complete in-house development.
  5. There are many manual intervention options and a particularly flexible optics: Whether many people in confined spaces or the eagle and over distant peaks – thanks to the extreme wide-angle effect of 48 degrees and 30x optical zoom, the filmmaker gets almost every motif on the disc.
  6. Consequently, the D150 comes for the first time from its own development and production.
  7. For the practical we already had this entry-level model available.
  8. criteria were image quality, sound quality and features.

Panasonic VDR D150

Panasonic Camera Tutorial

Created by Keith McKnight.

Pansonic Vdr D Camcorder Demo Video

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