Panasonic NV GS 180 EC

  1. The video and photo properties are more than convincing for the middle class.
  2. Desirable value was an integrated flash unit and a higher resolution of the display.
  3. Even a musical fireworks which I recorded at the Festival of Lights in Bodenwerder on the Weser is very well done.
  4. Outdoors shots become intense and have an unexpected depth of field.
  5. In bad light, I recommend if possible to operate the light switch, because the LED light, which I bought me brings nothing.
  6. The photo function is good in good light conditions.
  7. A flash would be desirable, but there are still cameras.
  8. The image quality is correct, Randunscharfen the lens, however, have a somewhat disturbing.
  9. Panasonic NV-GS 180 EC With 600 euros, the GS 180 is around 150 euros cheaper than its predecessor GS 75 (Issue 3/2005).
  10. Criteria such as performance, equipment and operation wereed.
  11. Panasonic has now established itself as a dipping specialist.
  12. The new NV-GS180 was calculated with a non-binding price of only 600 euros.
  13. That’s why we critically scrutinized this device in a practical.
  14. criteria were image quality, sound quality and features.

Panasonic Nv-Gs180pl.mp4

trying out the hard-to-find functions on the panasonic nv gs180. tiny camera that can really do quite a bit. settings, 1/100 shutter

Panasonic nv gs180

Jakość poprawiłem, wystarczyło tylko w ulead’zie poszperać, lecz nadal jest przegrywane przez usb i tu najwięcej traci na jakości.