Panasonic NV GS 17 EC

  1. Beginners will hardly find something better at the same price.
  2. It really makes very good pictures and is also easy to use, as German is also available as a menu language.
  3. Praiseworthy: Panasonic is the only camera manufacturer to stick to a separate battery charger.
  4. For other brands must? the battery is recharged in the camera.
  5. The 2.5-inch LCD monitor has good to satisfactory image control features.
  6. Filmmakers can do that, but not the handicap during the performance.
  7. The duo has the GS 35, the remote control and the microphone input ahead, a headphone output is missing.
  8. Although it also comes without DV-In, Panasonic adds a cutting software (“MotionDV Studio 5.3 LE”).
  9. What connects the trio: the lush manual adjustment options and the operation.
  10. On the one hand, this makes it possible, on the other hand, to realize larger quantities but, unfortunately, only low profit margins.

Camara Video Panasonic Nv Gs17

Camara Video Panasonic NV-GS17.

Popravka Kamere Panasonic Nv Gs

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