Panasonic HX A1

  1. With 46 grams but very light. “; Operation: “The control is a bit complicated using buttons.”.
  2. The Action Cam multi-mount is loaded with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are considered carcinogenic.
  3. Videos in low light, photos, sound, handling, anti-blur – all mau.
  4. Battery lasts for 67 minutes, but can not be changed.
  5. In order to make all the settings on the ‘display-loose’, however, a (free) smartphone app is needed, which makes operation difficult.
  6. Free app lets the camera connect to the smartphone.
  7. In midfield is the battery in terms of its performance.
  8. Panasonic promises that the additional battery will bring power for 80 minutes.
  9. The Panasonic cam reacts to light changes a bit weary, the overall picture brightness is rather dark, or the contrast is high.
  10. This saves Panasonic but still a bit of sharp image in the video – but fine structures are not better represented.
  11. The battery life is acceptable only with the large additional battery.
  12. The distortion is very strong despite a relatively small viewing angle.
  13. The rating in the category ‘recording’ is strongly negatively influenced by the sound quality.
  14. The picture quality is better than the 60 percent suspect.
  15. Her tubular metal case is more reminiscent of a small flashlight.
  16. Protected against water, the camera can also be used in the wet.
  17. The shape and the low weight of just 45 grams make it possible for the camera to be worn well on the side of the head, for example on a headband.
  18. The housing is sealed and survives dives to a depth of 1.5 meters.
  19. This is sufficient to make a good figure in the rain, on the slopes or in the canoe, but the HX A1 is not suitable for surfing or for proper diving.
  20. For this purpose, the housing is protected against bumps and falls from a small height (1.5 meters), the camera also easily survives.
  21. The HX-A1 takes up a maximum of Full HD, ie with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, and 30 frames per second.
  22. With a resolution of 1280×720 (HD), 60 frames per second can also be recorded, making fast movements seem smoother and clearer.
  23. In addition, slow-motion shots can also be realized.
  24. The A1 is also suitable for night-time shots, with a special glass cover included in the box to be placed in front of the lens.
  25. In addition, the user needs a standard commercial infrared flashlight.
  26. In combination, the A1 can be used for taking pictures in the dark.
  27. Scope of supply and accessoriesWith the two included brackets, the camera can be attached to straps, helmets, ski goggles or tripods in a variety of ways.
  28. The battery is firmly installed, so it can not be changed.
  29. Those who like to have a reserve on the way, can buy an additional battery, which is then screwed to the rear of the camera.
  30. However, this is not particularly practical as the camera’s length and weight are doubled.
  31. Storend for long-term use, however, is the permanently installed battery.
  32. Also, the optional battery expansion does not seem to be a satisfactory solution.
  33. In terms of waterproofness, Panasonic also makes compromises: Although the camera survives a bath in shallow waters, but is not suitable for surfing or diving.

Panasonic HX A1

Panasonic HX A1

Panasonic HX A1

Panasonic Hx A1 Action Cam My Review

Hello Youtubers – This is my review of the Panasonic HX A1 Action Cam For Head Mount for Panasonic HX A1 Action Cam – go here

Panasonic Hx A Action Cam

The Panasonic HX-A1 is a compact action cam with night-vision as its standout feature.

Panasonic A1: Ultra-Light Wearable HD Action Cam – HX-A1MD (Orange)

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    Panasonic A1: Ultra-Light Wearable HD Action Cam – HX-A1MK (Black)

    Panasonic A1: Ultra Light Wearable HD Action Cam   HX A1MK (Black)

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