Panasonic HDC SD99

  1. The device is praised above all for the good versatility that it offers: It can be added to a separately available 3D-Vorsatzobjektiv so that recordings can be made either in 2D or in 3D.
  2. However, when recorded in 3D, Full HD resolution is reduced by half in practice – this is negative.
  3. As far as the image quality is concerned, the model is praised for its imposing sharpness without strong artistic intervention.
  4. Even in poor lighting conditions, the device does not need to hide and delivers according to the editorial still decent pictures.
  5. However, in terms of sound, the experts criticize the fact that Luftergerausche be heard.
  6. No viewfinder, otherwise much equipment for little money: strong zoom, microphone connection.
  7. Very good autofocus.Tone overall acceptable, with a separate microphone very good.
  8. Plus point: The built-in microphone is particularly insensitive to wind.
  9. The built-in lens has a very large wide-angle range and is ideal for landscape shots, besides, it put in the pretty quickly sharp.
  10. Apart from a slight puddle of color, the picture was neutral in color and balanced.
  11. With the highest contrast ratio in the and with a zoom factor of 34.5, it even outperformed his big brother in second place.
  12. The fact that Panasonic HDC-SD99 still set the red pen showed in other points.
  13. His film footage offered a little less detail and a bit stronger.
  14. With the extremely practical focal length of the HDC-SD99 almost all shooting situations can be mastered.
  15. In addition, there is the significantly higher quality video recording by the 50p function.
  16. The slightly lower sharpness and the lack of aids in image adjustment, as well as the poorer display and the lack of headphone connection are the biggest restrictions that you have to accept for the money saved.
  17. Nachrusten leaves the SD 99 not only for 3D, but thanks to microphone input and standard accessory shoe and the sound.
  18. Little downside: On a control via headphones Panasonic has omitted.
  19. The image reflected the higher chip resolution in visibly sharper pictures compared to those of the HS 80.
  20. For better sound, connect an external microphone.
  21. Panasonic HDC-SD99: Better you can barely use the space freed by eliminating the viewfinder.
  22. The plug-in adapter for an external microphone could not be better placed.
  23. Even longer microphones do not come into the picture in the extreme wide angle.
  24. The technical slimming down in a smaller housing, the lower weight and a cheaper price.
  25. To what extent this affects the picture and sound quality, this practical is clear.

Panasonic HDC SD99

Panasonic HDC SD99

Panasonic Hdc Sd99 Test Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

Test meines neuen Camcorders.

Panasonic Hdc Sd Video Qualität Test

Video Qualität Test Panasonic HDC-SD99 (Sonne leicht bewölkt mit Gegenlicht 26x Zoom) Makroaufnahme :

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