Panasonic HDC SD100

  1. The three MOS imagers of the SD-100 provide clear, colorfully natural shots, apart from a certain preference for whopping Gruntone.
  2. Notable is the intelligent contrast automatic, which brings really practical benefits, in contrast to gimmicks such as face recognition.
  3. Complete sound department, viewfinder, multi-function wheel and comparatively good photosensitivity are big pluses.
  4. With its versatile manual settings of the SD 100 had earned the victory, it still offers after the legendary GS 400 finally again the opportunity to realize ambitious productions with a mini-consumer camera.
  5. On the one hand, the somewhat greater photosensitivity is noticeable and, on the other, the contrast range is visibly better in difficult shooting situations.
  6. Everyone knows the problems with blurred recordings or poor sound quality.
  7. A jerky playback of the recordings is often the case.
  8. I was able to solve the problem by defragmenting my hard drive.
  9. If you connect the device directly to the TV, you get an amazingly good playback.
  10. I deduct deduction from the not yet sufficient existing players to the connection? to the TV.
  11. The best data rate the SD100 achieves with full resolution is 17mbps.
  12. Adjustment ring on the lens and improved image stabilizerThe Panasonic HDC-SD100 returns to the preserved setting ring on the lens during operation.
  13. Since the small SD100 is particularly attractive for filming out of hand, Panasonic has installed an optical image stabilizer (O.I.S.
  14. Plus), which examines and counteracts the strength of the blur 4000 times a second.
  15. If you are filming in the ‘Intelligent Car’ mode, you do not need to switch on the anti-blur protection.
  16. The HDC-SD100 automatically performs image enhancement, including contrast and face detection.

Panasonic HDC SD100

Panasonic HDC SD100

Panasonic HDC SD100

Panasonic Hdc Sd100 Test Footage

Example shots at different times of the day with the Panasonic HDCSD100. All of the shots are handheld or set on a flat surface on

Panasonic Hdc Sd Camcorder Review

Panasonic HDCSD100 Camcorder review.

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