Panasonic HC V130

  1. If you have missed the manual settings, you can always switch back to the intelligent automatic mode by pressing a button.
  2. However, the BSI CMOS sensor with a size of 1 / 5.8 inches diagonally is very small even for a video camera.
  3. So may the video quality inspire, but the photo function one or the other disappoint.
  4. In contrast to the 250er, the display is not equipped with a touch function.
  5. In the telephoto position, they look like a telescope with 30x magnification.
  6. However, with the limitation already known by Panasonic, that for a desired combination, the exposure time and then the aperture must be set – if you try it the other way round, the aperture is taken over by the camera automatic.
  7. However, the corresponding symbols are displayed very small so that wearers of reading glasses should not forget them.
  8. The criteria were video, photo, sound as well as handling, operating time and versatility.

Panasonic Hcv130 Full Hd Camcorder Overview

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