Panasonic AJ PX5000
  1. However, one can not expect Ultra HD with the new film camera.
  2. It is crisp and sharp with Full HD nevertheless and especially with 50 frames per second smoothly.
  3. Since image acquisition and production is network-based, temporal and local barriers are eliminated.
  4. This makes the camera ideal for broadcast applications.
  5. The compression method uses data rates up to 200 megabits per second.
  6. Images and metadata can be transferred via WiFi, USB or Ethernet port.
  7. ConclusionBy the camera with the new technology is an absolute professional advice, which is the latest at the cost of 25,000 EUR clear.
  8. However, Panasonic is also planning to prepare for ambitious amateur filmmakers to move to 4K soon.
  9. Theers especially liked the color reproduction of the video camera and the docking station.
  10. The HD700GX can also be used as a webcam and of course beats its ” normal ” webcam colleagues here.

Panasonic Aj Px5000 Quick Review (Visuals.Co.Uk)

Panasonic’s new shoulder-mount camcorder, the first P2 HD camcorder featuring native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2

Ibc Panasonic Px

The Panasonic AJ PX 5000 is a 3 x MOS 2/3″ camcorder with the ability to shoot 200mb/s AVC Intra on 2 x P2 cards of 2 x P2 Micro CC

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