Panasonic AG HMC40

  1. Photos (JPEG) and videos (AVCHD) are saved on SD or SDHC card.
  2. All four modes offer different data rates between 6 and 24 Mbps.
  3. Touchscreen and user-definable controlsThe Panasonic AG-HMC40 has a lens that can zoom in at a 12x optical zoom.
  4. The lens ring can be assigned user-selected functions.
  5. When focusing, the focus assist and view on the display can be magnified.
  6. The HMC40 has a 2.7-inch monitor that is touch-sensitive.
  7. For a comfortable operation the face recognition is still available.
  8. In addition, the zebra function helps to find poorly exposed areas in the image.
  9. Three controls can be freely assigned to functions so that the videographer can always make the settings that are most important to him quickly.
  10. In addition, it is praised quite favorably for this camera class: It should first come for a price of 3195 US dollars on the market.
  11. The conservation in practice now follows with this article, during which we immediately had the opportunity during the to include the new top model, the TM350 in the.
  12. The second important innovation is the active mode of the superior image stabilizer.

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