Motorola VerveCam +
  1. A completely different concept than previously known from GoPro, Rollei or easypix.
  2. For this, the commissioning is easy, as well as the control via app.
Motorola VerveCam +
Motorola VerveCam +
Motorola VerveCam +

Motorola Verve Cam+ Unboxing Whatgear

Check this out it’s the Motorola Verve Cam + a brand new action cam that’s just become available on Amazon. Watch this quick

Motorola Vervecam

Motorola VerveLife is ontwikkeld voor de actieveling die het uiterste van zichzelf en zijn of haar uitrusting verlangt. VerveLife

Motorola Verve Cam+ Wearable, Social, Livestreaming Cam

Motorola Verve Cam+ Wearable, Social, Livestreaming Cam
  1. And with the included IP68 waterproof housing you can take it anywhere.
  2. The Verve Cam works with your smartphone through integrated Wi-Fi so that you can effortlessly edit your photos and videos and livestream your day to YouTube.
  3. It isn’t perfect, but at a fraction of the cost of a Go-Pro or equivalent, it’s pretty darn good.
  4. One turns the unit on and off, alternating between modes, while the other button serves as a shutter release – either for still pictures or for video.
  5. There is a pilot light, but it seems counter-productive not to do both.
  6. There is one small plastic cover hiding the micro-USB port and a second to protect a micro SD card (not included).
  7. There is no internal memory – if you want to save pictures or video, you need a card.
  8. You can access the card by connecting your camera to your computer via the USB cable – you don’t have to remove the card.
  9. While you can see what is showing on the camera through your phone, there is a serious time lag between them– around a second.
  10. You do not stay connected to your Wi-Fi network when you connect to the camera.
  11. Once you connect the phone and camera directly, it will then connect to a Wi-Fi network through the app.
  12. During the setup the app had to pair with my phone through Bluetooth.
  13. I’m not sure why – there seems to be no additional functionality there.
  14. Picture quality is good in well-lit situations – the picture gets grainy if it is less than optimum.
  15. It comes with a pretty handy lanyard, but there are no holes for the lanyard in most of the accessories – there is one in the rubber “bumper” case, but it has to be attached after the case is on.
  16. The tripod mount has no provision for the lanyard (nor the waterproof case, which means you won’t use it in most cases); as handy as it is.
  17. There is a case for a pocket clip – again, no coordination with other accessories.
  18. I want to praise the waterproof case – it works well, seems to seal really well, and allows videotaping under water.
  19. I want to be clear, I like this camera – with a better App it would be an easy “5”.
  20. I still rated it a “4” because it offers great value and functionality.
  21. It has some nice features, but also some foibles, as follows: – The cam will not work at all without a micro SD card.
  22. There is no option to upload directly to your phone – you have to first save to the card and then upload.
  23. The cam connects to your phone via the phone’s wifi connection.
  24. Most phones can only handle one of those connections at a time.
  25. You can (in theory) livestream via wifi using the VerveCam app, but if you wanted to do anything else via wifi while the camera is connected you can’t.
  26. It indicates which mode it is in with a little white LED on a white surface.
  27. The cam is about 2-1/4 inches in diameter, about an inch thick, and weighs about three ounces.
  28. I found it was most “wearable” on a baseball cap with the brim turned backwards (the basic case has a hook that fits nicely into the cap’s size-adjusting strap).
  29. The cam is too heavy/bulky to hook to a shirt collar, and anywhere else will get too much jiggle.
  30. So, if you’re not in a position to see the LED indicators on the cam (like, if it’s clipped to the front of your ball cap), you might miss a power down, and subsequently miss some video.
  31. I’m getting between one and two hours on a full charge, depending on settings and environment).
  32. The phone app lets you list out and view the photos and videos on the cam, with the option to save them to the phone or delete them (videos will be broken up into manageable chunks, of about 15 minutes each in the default frame rate).
  33. The app is very basic, however, and doesn’t even include things like fast-forward for the videos.
  34. First of all, here’s the text of the live streaming intro: “Live streaming allows you to sream.
  35. I’m on Android, and the app for that platform is slow, crashes repeatedly, and initially refused to finish establishing a connection to the camera.
  36. I managed to finally connect the camera to the phone after multiple repeated app launch/failure to connect/app close/try again cycles.
  37. The camera app constantly informs me that the camera has disconnected from Wifi.
  38. Why would I want to mess with a product that cannot stay connected to Wifi for more than a few seconds?
  39. Saying this camera is wearable on the packaging is a stretch.
  40. It IS wearable, but wearing it would be fairly obtrusive and obvious.
  41. If Motorola wants to reach out and let me know when the app actually functions properly on Android, and when their tech support team has been trained to assist users to get the product to function as advertised, I will update this review accordingly.
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A completely different concept than previously known from GoPro, Rollei or easypix. For this, the commissioning is easy, as well as the control via app. Motorola Verve Cam+ Unboxing Whatgear Check this out it's the Motorola Verve Cam + a brand new action cam that's just become available on...