Medion Life S47018

  1. It’s no wonder that the all-round technology group Medion is also involved in the Medion Life S47018.
  2. However, Full HD videos can only be recorded at 30 frames per second.
  3. So it may be that fast, action-packed scenes do not seem quite fluid.
  4. Waterproof housingThe camera measures 58 x 40 x 40 mm and weighs 80 grams.
  5. However, in order to be rigged for action, it must be plugged into a protective housing included in the package.
  6. This comes with two replaceable backs – one that closes the case waterproof (60 meters) and a pass that allows for sound recording.
  7. A small control display on the top shows the most important parameters.
  8. A color display showing the pictures and the viewing angle is not available.
  9. The camera has Wi-Fi and can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone or tablet, where the camera can be controlled.
  10. The magazine chip, however, in a, however, laments that there are connection problems with Android 5 devices and that the picture is displayed heavily delayed.
  11. In order to control the camera when it is mounted on a helmet or other inaccessible place, it comes with a remote control that can be worn on the wrist.
  12. In addition, there are deposits that protect against fogging in the case, a USB power supply, a lens attachment and of course the removable battery.
  13. Conveniently, the camera can also be combined with brackets designed for GoPro devices.
  14. Software-related problems regarding the smartphone control could still be remedied with corresponding updates of the app.

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Günstige Action Cam Medion Life S Test / Review Vergleich Mit Gopro

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