Medion Life S47000 (MD 86064)

  1. It has ideal conditions to be anywhere: With its dimensions of 6.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 centimeters, it is a tiny and with 85 grams (without battery) is also a lightweight.
  2. However, the features of the Life S47000 – due to the size and price – are tight.
  3. The film quality has weak especially in artificial light and in dark areas and corresponds overall only to that of a simple mobile phone.
  4. In addition, the digital zoom function can not be used during filming because it is stored with a disturbing clicking noise.
  5. The 128 MB of internal memory are far too few for filming.
  6. A necessary SD or SDHC memory card is not included and must be purchased separately.
  7. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone turned the so-called Flipcam into a hip accessory.

Medion Life S47000 (MD 86064)

Medion Life S47000 / Md86064 Hd Sports Camcorder

Test-Dreh mit der Medion HD-Cam. Für CHF 89.- ein guter Deal, die Bildqualität ist gar nicht mal schlecht für den Preis und –

Medion Sports Camcorder Md

unterwasseraufnahme mit medion life S47002.