Lexibook Barbie Digital Video

  1. In cooperation with Barbie, My Little Pony, Spider-Man, Transformers or Monster High, the products are decorated with the popular designs or contain games by Barbie and Co.
  2. The video camera DJ270BB advertises with Barbie and is aimed specifically at little girl hearts.
  3. Around the only 1.5 inches large display are then also hearts to see.
  4. Even if the little filmmaker is still so much trouble, it can happen that you hardly recognize anything on the video, because a film will hardly be possible in a closed room – for that the much too small sensor is not light sensitive enough.
  5. If the unsuspecting child zooms in, the quality deteriorates even more, because an optical zoom is not available.
  6. The quadruple digital zoom is only a magnification of the already poor video image.
  7. The video clips are saved in AVI format and the photos are saved as jpeg to SD card.
  8. But what uses an ergonomic and visually successful children’s cam, if the videos are of such poor quality?

Lexibook® Tablet Barbie™

La Lexibook Tablet Barbie, la tablette tactile des filles branchées ! En plus de son design original, cette tablette 7″ offre une

Barbie Digital Makeover From Mattel

For the full review, where it’s in stock, and how much it costs, visit ttpm.com/toys/7006/mattel/barbiedigital-makeover/?

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Phantomx PXP 3 MD 2700 Portable 16 Bit Fast Video Game Console Classic Retro Games

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