1. Its handiness makes tracking the camera easy and easy to control.
  2. The built-in hard disk, the USB port and the supplied software allow uncomplicated videography right up to the DVD.
  3. Long running times, easy handling and good quality speak for the permanently installed data carrier.
  4. The criteria were handling, sound (system) and image quality.
  5. Can it show something that the acting person does not know?
  6. The keyword is “Subjective Camera”, and in this post we want to see how this is done in the movie.
  7. In this part of the video film series ‘Learning From Cinema’ the role of the subjective camera is explained.
  8. But 25p full-screen mode, gamma shift or artificial film grain are just one side.
  9. The optical problem of small picture chips can only be solved in other ways.
  10. How, that describes a filmmaker, who made a virtue out of necessity.
  11. Issue 2/2006, how to make blurs advantage.
  12. The devices wereed in the criteria equipment, performance, operation and practice.




JVC GZ MG20u video

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JVC GR-D290 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

JVC GR D290 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

  1. This technology allows, for the first time ever, the user to record slow motion images and play them back with real-time sound.
  2. Live Slow is extremely useful for playing back precious or hard-to-see moments as the speed is slowed down to a quarter of normal playing speed.
  3. This effect is achieved by the camera recording the picture at 1/4 the normal speed, and thus showing with great clarity a slow motion effect.
  4. Slow motion images are recorded with sound on a DVC tape and played back in real time, thus allowing one to view greater detail in the image.
  5. In this way precious moments become all the more enjoyable.

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