1. Camera for dronesThe very small camera has a two-piece construction.
  2. In addition to the camera, there is a control unit with fold-out, seven-inch display.
  3. This lets the camera remotely control the drone and see the resulting images in live view.
  4. The miniature camera was designed for motion picture and television films where airborne footage is needed or used as a replacement for expensive helicopters in breaking news.
  5. Otherwise, even Ultra HD recordings with 60 frames per second are possible.
  6. This makes the picture razor-sharp and delivers an overwhelming variety of detail, which is supported not least by the Super 35 sensor.
  7. The videos can also be started with a cable up to 20 meters long.
  8. This is especially good for balancing wobblers, which is not only useful when shooting in the air, but also when used in soil regions.
  9. ConclusionThis little camera can deliver interesting shots from the air and shines with 4K quality.
  10. The special slope allows stepless routing and ensures even shots.
  11. The 18x optical zoom lets you look far into the distance, whereas the meager wide-angle effect of 34 degrees often forces panning into narrow spaces.
  12. Like the two Sony models, the MV 600 is also suitable as a webcam.
  13. Unlike the competition, Canon uses as a connection but not the USB, but the Firewire socket.
  14. With the H 250 Panasonic sends a 3-chipper into the race.
  15. Which strikes as expected? good, especially thanks to powerful color reproduction.
  16. In addition, a decent sound and the ability to alternatively record on memory card.

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