1. Its Konica Minolta lens can be optically magnified 37 times.
  2. In addition, the GR-D818 was equipped with a noise reduction.
  3. The image noise, which increases especially in the high focal lengths, should be brought under control.
  4. Unfortunately, successful noise reduction often leads to a blurring, so lack of sharpness.
  5. Save energy with a video cameraThe JVC GR-D818’s response to the energy crisis is Auto Power Management System.
  6. For example, the large (2.7-inch) display has a ” Auto LCD Backlight Control ”.
  7. With it, the camera measures the ambient light and then adjusts the brightness of the display.
  8. Power-eating bright monitor lighting is only switched on in very bright ambient light.
  9. The power-saving principle is also noticeable when the monitor is folded.
  10. Then the GR-D818 automatically switches to the battery-saving standby mode.
  11. However, the display captures the eyepiece loss well: it reflects, but offers good visibility even in bright sunlight.
  12. Color representation good wide-angle effect Remote control supplied high battery capacity no viewfinder Even the middle representative of the JVC Trio scores with the same advantages as the other two.
  13. Because of its handy design, some filmmakers in the D 818 will see a remarkable alternative, although the Sony model HC 51 is a bit slimmer.

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