1. With the sharp, the camera works at the resolution limit, and also the available manual control could be completely sufficient for many ambitious filmmakers.
  2. Despite its unusual shape, the camera is handy and also suitable for filming.
  3. Strong of this camera is less in space, rather than in time.
  4. With the GC-PX10E, slow motion shots at 250 frames per second are possible.
  5. However, then no sound is available and full HD resolution is also no longer possible.
  6. On both sides, it offers unusual performance, for example, significantly higher data rates in the recording of video, but also extreme continuous shooting speeds in photo mode.
  7. It delivers pleasantly sharp shots and convinces with features such as slow motion, automatic scene recognition and all desirable manual Einstellmoglichkeiten.
  8. Strong telephoto, very fast and with super slow motion: perfect for football games.
  9. On the other hand, the GC-PX10 is too poorly equipped as a photo machine with just under 900 Euros.
  10. Concept, video and photo in one device on an equal footing.
  11. When the light leaves it, the video camera produces an excellent picture.
  12. In the resolution and the image noise of the GC-PX10 then also plays in the first division.
  13. The menus need a bit of training because of the not very clear structure.
  14. The camera is definitely good in the hand and the operation with the few external buttons on the lens works amazingly round.
  15. The folding display is practical, but only allows a vertical movement.
  16. The display does not turn to the side, but in most cases it is bearable.
  17. With the sharp, the camera works on the resolution limit and also the available manual control could be completely sufficient for many ambitious filmmakers.
  18. Benefits in the field: the extremely sharp tilt monitor, the perfect zoom and autofocus tracking during recording, the clear stereo sound with micro connection, level adjustment and especially the headphone jack and the almost seamless adjustment of shutter speed and aperture.
  19. The Vieoaufnahmen should have thanks to the 50 frames per second on an excellent contrast with natural color fidelity.
  20. At sporting events, the Super-Slow-Motion feature comes into its own at 250 frames per second – so you can record up to two hours without sound at a resolution of 640×360.
  21. Imagine being able to watch a football game completely in each scene in slow motion.
  22. Resounding success the video camera with certainty, since it is able to simultaneously film and photograph.
  23. For poor lighting conditions, the increase in sensitivity up to ISO 6,400 as well as an integrated flash is available.
  24. The Konica-Minolta lens works with a 10x optical zoom, which can be replaced by a dynamic 19x and a digital 64x zoom.
  25. The tilt-up LCD display with a size of 3.0 inches is designed as a touch screen and simplifies the image control and menu control.
  26. The latter can also be done manually via a rotary knob.
  27. An interlaced recording with fields is thus no longer possible with the JVC.
  28. The display is pleasantly large with a diagonal of 7.6 centimeters. and gives motifs bright and detailed again.




Jvc Gc Px10 Review

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Jvc Gc Px Soccer Scene Fps High Speed Video Recording

This video was edited with the GCPX10 bundled software LoiLoScope FX. “Spin-off” Capturing Exact Moments on the Soccer Field

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