JVC Everio GZ X900

  1. The functions and quality for that brings the black Mini with.
  2. Anyone who gets used to turning mostly two-handed will also have fewer problems with the operation.
  3. JVC GZ-X900 for the performance and equipment too expensive.
  4. His 500 fps slow motion mode is a nice addition to the already lush features.
  5. I bought them myself, so I could quickly shoot a couple of shots, be it a photo or a movie without having to lug around a lot, and that’s exactly their advantage.
  6. Photo: The photos printed in 10×15 a good quality.
  7. If you want much more (poster) should buy a SpiegelreflexDigi.
  8. The serial bid function is a nice thing in good light conditions.
  9. Important for me: shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted manually.
  10. The problems seem to lie in the unfavorable position of the microphones, directly on the wind-out edge of the fold-out monitor.
  11. However, with careful operation, no operator noise is heard.
  12. Problems in poor light conditions, here you notice the small lens.
  13. In automatic mode, good shots fail in low light of people against a lighter background – black men!
  14. Only controllable via the manual setting shutter, aperture does not give enough here.
  15. Problems: Although HDMI connection, but not compatible with any monitor or TV, just the typical HDMI problem for lack of accurate standardization, but on erwitertes composite is a comparable good picture possible.
  16. Battery life despite adherence to all energy saving possibilities approx.
  17. Umstandlich: Data backup via supplied program.
  18. The data can not be sent back to the camera.
  19. However, if you still want to back up your data, you do not necessarily need the cables and hard drives specified by JVC.
  20. Attention: wrong connection can lead to a short circuit due to incorrect polarity reversal? that destroys the camera.
  21. The clever computer user comes with a card reader and an external hard drive here too far.
  22. Operation: Somewhat cumbersome operation for users who want to manually adjust some things – practice is the master.
  23. Of course, this also applies to archiving and the problems mentioned above.
  24. In my opinion, this is a model for ambitious filmmakers who want to record more than just family celebrations or the first steps of their junior.
  25. There were a lot of details in the shots visible and the colors looked brilliant, without being overslept.
  26. The GZ-X900’s particularly large sensor is responsible for the good image quality.
  27. In low light in the environment, however, a somewhat dark picture was created.
  28. It still showed well-defined colors and very little image noise.
  29. Also suitable for very good snapshots The photo function of the JVC Everio GZ-X900 proved to be satisfactory in the and can in fact compete with digital compact cameras.
  30. The color fidelity was as high as in the video recording.
  31. In addition, the Ausloseverzogerung was short, so the X900 should also be suitable for snapshots.
  32. Were these lower, the GZ-X900 had received one of the warmest recommendations ever, according to the editor.
  33. The videos are 1920 x 1080 pixels large? and are saved in AVCHD format.
  34. They can be captured with a very fast shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds.
  35. Different frame rates possibleVideos can be recorded at different speeds with the JVC Everio GZ-X900.
  36. So ‘slow-motion’ is possible and shows movements that are invisible to the human eye: in 10-fold slowed mode, for example, 2.4 seconds of reality are extended to 24 seconds of film.
  37. It can be selected between frame rates of 120, 300 and 600 frames per second.
  38. Also, continuous photographic shooting is possible: Up to 15 frames per second are then recorded.
  39. The JVC Everio GZ-X900 is not only hybrid, but also very compact.
  40. It fits as easily in the bag as a smartphone, so the comparison of the manufacturer.
  41. Its somewhat unusual shape is intended to enable a variety of camera poses.
  42. It also has the same controls on the top and next to the display.
  43. Bright head: Unlike the moving picture, the JVC in the interior makes brighter photos than the Sony, which show more sharp despite fine Bildgrie? Nels.
  44. Look into the optics, kid: The optical image stabilizer moves visibly in the lens, but it acts quite effectively.

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Battery Charger For JVC Everio GZ-MS120U GZ-MS120AU GZ-MS120BU GZ-MS120RU GR-D750, GR-D770, GR-D796, GR-D850, GY-HM70U, GY-HM100U GZ-MG670, GZ-MG680, GZ-MS120, GZ-MS130, GZ-X900 Camcorder

Battery Charger for JVC Everio GZ MS120U GZ MS120AU GZ MS120BU GZ MS120RU GR D750, GR D770, GR D796, GR D850, GY HM70U, GY HM100U GZ MG670, GZ MG680, GZ MS120, GZ MS130, GZ X900 Camcorder

  1. Charger indication Green lights for standby, Red is for charging.
  2. Note it is an external battery charger only, not working as power cable or AC adapter.
  3. Days Money Back Guarantee / 12-month worry free warranty for our product.

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