JVC Everio GZ MC500E

  1. In this capacity, it makes high quality videos that appeal even to ambitious filmmakers.
  2. Its otherwise ‘normal’ equipment just insufficiently justifies the price of 1500 euros.
  3. The operation is not intuitive in all respects, therefore it is recommended that you read through the manual completely.
  4. Only then do you discover a number of great additional functions that you will never find elsewhere (for example,
  5. A second charger can be saved, if you buy only a spare battery and loads in the Camara.
  6. With the Accu one should not save, but use the original.
  7. Microdrive is sensationally cheap (4 Giga-Byte for about 70 dollars results in 1 hour of video in the best Quailtat or 10,000 photos!) And contrary to some reviews absolutely reliable.
  8. I think it’s much better than the 30 GB built-in hard drive advertised on other devices (no-one needs it, or do you want to document your life in real time?
  9. And if it breaks, you can forget the whole device, with the Microdrive you just take the replacement drive).
  10. The alleged speed advantage of the CF card (at around 3x higher purchase price), I could hardly perceive in practice (if necessary, with continuous shooting of more than 6 photos, but who needs that?).
  11. The Überberspielen on the PC is only slightly faster, max 45 sec with a total duration of 4 min).
  12. Completely incomprehensible to me is that the Camara no date in the photo or in the video overlays.
  13. So, if you want to make paper copies with date fade in, you first have to make a lot of work with a processing program (for example,
  14. In addition, it is annoying that JVC (allegedly due to licensing disputes) the films only in the proprietary. Mod format stores.
  15. Although most post-processing programs can now read this format, but who wants to be sure, after the overpainting of the movies on PC, they have to rename consuming from. Mod to. Mpeg format.
  16. Incidentally, I do with the freeware program bulk-rename, which is also suitable for other renames best) In addition, annoying the fumbling lens cap.
  17. The flash is exceptionally powerful for its compactness.
  18. But it would be better if it were not only to be used as a PHOTO flash, but also as a video light.
  19. Unfortunately, the on-off switch is so fiddly that you have to operate it repeatedly several times until the desired position is reached.
  20. The function as a dictation device is silly, I do not know anybody who has found a meaningful application for it.
  21. Somewhat annoying, I feel the great pressure with which you start recording and stop.
  22. In short: Operation: Overall no problem, not even with big hands.
  23. If you have a small subject against a distant background, it will be complicated.
  24. The instructions say: The sharp becomes the way you put it.
  25. With the time for the wait for the moment and for the settings that are around the 30 minutes on time.
  26. The autofocus is so slow that you really can not take a photo.
  27. The average trigger delay is 1.5 seconds.
  28. Still something is not clear in the technical data, but bothers me tremendously: Only in the wide angle you can reach up to 5 cm to the object.
  29. In all other zoom ranges, a sharp image is only produced from about 75 cm.
  30. In sum, a device that is well-used for many, but not all, situations.
  31. Common to all is the recording format MPEG-2, the tiny design and the fun factor on a serious technical basis.
  32. The model uses a 4 GB microdrive as the storage medium.
  33. Postprocessing with the Everio software The enclosed software package essentially consists of two parts.
  34. For the editing of the specially adapted to the Everio “PowerDirector 3” of Cyberlink is in charge.

Jvc Everio Gz Mc500 Unboxing

EXCITED, going to woodward on the 11th for 2 weeks!

Jvc Everio Gz Mc Test Footage In Hd P

been a great camera got some nice footage with it, but upgrading next month to a canon xl1 small amount of editing in sony vegas 9.