JVC Everio GZ HM400

  1. The fact that the 400 has a better look, it explained especially with his sharp and plastic image.
  2. In the interior, however, they were a bit paler compared to the Canon HF21.
  3. Heavier, however, weighed the uncertain white balance from time to time drifted into the cave.
  4. The many controls were mainly addressed to filmmakers who control while filming is still important.
  5. However, small operating obstacles drowned the manual luck: In addition to the paramountness of the parameters, the user must decide when filming between fast white balance or focus aids on the ‘custom key’.
  6. Both benefit from the continuous and slow motion functions.
  7. The color representation of the camera shows surprising swirls in some color fields, but otherwise remains realistic to cool.
  8. Also, the focus wheel acts practically, unlike the positive zoom rocker.
  9. Right from the start, JVC has conjured up a reasonably priced and high-quality model that leaves the competition behind with its practical housing, genuine zoom rocker, manual controls and absolutely perfect sharpness.
  10. Definitely a big step forward was the handling.
  11. The external controls were allowed to appeal to many filmmakers who are still in control of filming.
  12. If at all, only the yellow and green tones could be faulted, which were not quite as accurate as the remaining colors.
  13. The picture noise was fortunately limited in this recording situation.
  14. In low light in the environment the performance of the GZ-HM400 was not quite as high.
  15. The colors were “slightly washed out” and the manual white balance did not work very well: the picture showed a slight puffiness.
  16. However, the GZ-HM400 proved to be more powerful in this discipline than the JVC Everio GZ-X900: it was more sensitive to light and produced less image noise than this.
  17. Only the GZ-X900 could show as sharp, is the assessment of theers.
  18. The HM400 is also exemplary in its movements: it looked soft and flowing and the sharp impression was also right here (example video below – also in High Definition).
  19. It has also proven to be more powerful than the JVC Everio GZ-X900 and it costs a little less.
  20. The HM400 is criticized only for its poor image quality when taking pictures in low light conditions.
  21. Also, the data rate used is the highest possible currently and amounts to 24Mbps.
  22. The GZ-HM uses the format AVCHD and has a 32 gigabytes of internal memory.
  23. SDHC cards can also be used to record your own creations.
  24. If both storage media are used, almost 30 hours of video can be recorded in the highest resolution (EP mode).
  25. High-speed mode and better sound qualityThe JVC Everio GZ-HM400 has a monitor that measures 2.8 inches diagonally and a 10x optical zoom.
  26. The sound quality of the HM400 should have increased compared to earlier models – for it to provide K2 technology.
  27. It also has a high-speed mode that lets you capture 600 pictures per second.
  28. The JVC Everio GZ-HM400 is suitable for multi-filmmakers who need a lot of storage space.
  29. JVC has achieved a real surprise with the GZ-HM400.
  30. The camera shows the competition what you can get out of a CMOS chip today.
  31. criteria were image quality, handling and equipment.

JVC Everio GZ HM400

JVC Everio GZ HM400

Jvc Everio Gz Hm400


Jvc Everio Gz Hm

JVC Everio GZ-HM400 – pierwsze ujęcie nową kamerką.

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  1. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection)
    Tested Units.

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